Cement factory

Cement factory #

Cement factory

This enterprise produces construction material – cement. This resource is necessary for the construction of certain types of structures.

A cement factory can be opened by:

Construction cost #

Table. A cement factory construction cost

Processed woodProcessed wood500
Processed stoneProcessed stone500
Processed ironProcessed iron50
Oil productsOil product1400

Repair #

This enterprise requires periodic repairs every 30 days. Repairs are not cumulative.

Table. Cement factory repair cost

Processed woodProcessed wood15
Processed stoneProcessed stone15
Processed ironProcessed iron1
Oil productsOil product40

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, since there is an automatic repair function for the plant.

Table. Automatic repair of a cement plant

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Production #

Table. Cost of making cement

gold coinGold0.03

Production limits #

The maximum amount of cement produced per day depends on the level of development of all processing and military enterprises in the principality, and in settlements - on the level of development.

Table. Daily limit for cement production in a principality

Minimum level of development of all enterprisesDaily limit
Level 1100
Level 2250
Level 3500
Level 41000
Level 53000

Table. Daily limit for cement production in a settlement

The settlement’s development levelDaily limit