Chemical laboratories

Chemical laboratories #

Chemical laboratories

In chemical laboratories you can extract the elements chromium and nickel. These elements play an important role in the design and construction of the great structures of the new era, which are led by princes and emperors. In addition, this resource will be used by the state in large quantities for the construction of government buildings.

Own laboratories for the production of chemical elements “chrome” and “nickel” can open:

  • any prince: no more than 5 laboratories.
  • owner of an “estate” level settlement: no more than 1 laboratory;
  • owner of a village -level settlement: no more than 5 laboratories;
  • owner of a “city” level settlement: no more than 7 laboratories;
  • owner of a megacity -level settlement: no more than 12 laboratories.

If the prince has the social status of “ emperor,” then the limit increases to 10 laboratories.

Construction cost #

Table. The cost of building laboratories for the element “chrome” or “nickel”

Edged boardEdged board35
Mounting railMounting rail65
Foundation blockFoundation block20
Floor blockFloor block35
Cladding slabCladding slab65

Repair #

This enterprise does not require periodic repairs.

Production #

To produce chromium or nickel, you must purchase a license worth 7 gold coins for 730 days. When the license expires, you must purchase a new one. Each laboratory produces 1 unit of an element per day, with a nominal value of 0.02 gold coins.

Production limits #

The daily production limit depends only on the number of laboratories built. It is calculated that 1 laboratory produces 1 element per day. Production in chemical laboratories operates automatically, but if necessary, you can switch to manual production.