Sewing atelier

Sewing atelier #

Sewing atelier

The Sewing Workshop can produce various types of clothing for your clones, including protective and casual clothing.

The following can open their own leather workshop:

Construction cost #

Table. Cost of building a leather workshop

Edged boardEdged board340
Mounting railMounting rail680
Foundation blockFoundation block170
Floor blockFloor block340
Cladding slabCladding slab680

Repair #

The studio does not require periodic repairs.

Production #

The studio carries out tailoring of the following products:

  • casual clothing made from flax fiber for clones (restores stamina);
  • special (“Cloak of Exile” to reject the clone);
  • unloading vests (for combat operations);
  • protective leather clothing: raincoats, jackets, vests (used to reduce damage from shots with salt and live ammunition and strikes with melee weapons in battles).

You can learn more about the bonuses and cost of creating clothes in the corresponding section.

Production limits #

Every day in the atelier you can sew a limited amount of clothes, depending on its type:

  • casual clothes. You can sew a certain number of units of men’s and women’s clothing per day (with a total level of no more than 7 units);
  • special “Cloak of Exile”. You can sew no more than 10 units of such clothes per day;
  • unloading vests. No more than 3 unloading vests can be produced per day;
  • protective leather clothing. You can order only one calfskin per day for cutting, from which you can sew a certain number of items (based on the table above).

You can enable the automatic sewing function. In this case, sewing (subject to the availability of source materials) will occur daily at the estimated time, even if you do not log into your account.