Water well

Water well #

Water well

The water well allows you to extract fresh water on the Enclave game server.

A period of drought has begun on the Metropolis server, when there is not enough fresh water for the needs of the settlements. In such cases, it is possible to compensate the lack of water by transporting it from the Enclave server, where there are extensive water reserves.

Portals are used to transport water between servers. The maximum volume of water that can be transported through the portal at one time is 1000 buckets.

Constructing water wells is only available on the Enclave game server. Keep your mind about the operating life of each water well, which is 500 days. So, keep an eye on the timing and plan your water supplies accordingly.

A personal water well may be built by:

  • any prince: no more than 10 wells;
  • owner of an “estate” level settlement: no more than 1 well;
  • owner of a village -level settlement: no more than 5 wells;
  • owner of a “city” level settlement: no more than 7 wells;
  • owner of a “megacity” level settlement: no more than 12 wells.

Construction cost #

Table. Cost of building a water well


Repair #

The enterprise does not require periodic repairs.

Production #

One water well allows you to produce 10 buckets per day.

Production limits #

The water production limit at water wells depends on the number of wells constructed. Each well is capable of producing 10 buckets of water per day. This means that the more wells you build, the more water you can produce daily.

The extracted water can be used to meet the needs of your settlement or sold to other clones on the commodity exchange. Water is sold by buckets and you can set your own selling price.

Important! You can sell extracted water to other clones on the commodity exchange only on the Enclave server.

It is also important to remember about the possibility of transporting water to the Metropolis game server using portals. This can be useful if your server is experiencing water shortage.