Aqueduct #


An aqueduct is a megalithic structure that brings many different benefits to its owner. However, not every prince can build this building.

Construction #

To build an aqueduct, all enterprises in the principality must be developed to level 4 or higher.

Table. Cost of building an Aqueduct

ResourceQuantityConsumption per builder a day
Linseed oilLinseed oil15001
Golden eggGolden egg4001

Gold coins for constructing an aqueduct are written off completely at the beginning of construction and are a state fee.

Only clones with the “Engineer of Megalithic Structures” qualification can participate in constructing an Aqueduct.

Repair #

Aqueducts in clone land require periodic repairs every 30 days, but only if the construction is more than 1000 days old. The first repair is performed on the 1,001st day after construction and then every 30 days. If an aqueduct is not repaired on time, it ceases to function and is not taken into account when calculating the account score.

Table. Aqueduct repair cost

Resource typeRepair cost

If the building is not repaired on time, the time until the next repair is still taken into account. That is, after 60 days you will need to spend the double amount of materials, and so on.

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, since there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic Aqueduct Repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses #

The aqueduct brings many useful bonuses for the principality and dragons:

  • improved agriculture. The fields on the territory of the principality with an aqueduct are in the “under fallow” state for 2 days less than usual, and the speed of ripening of agricultural products in all fields increases by 5%;
  • increasing income from dragons. A principality with an aqueduct can receive income from gold brought by dragons living in the amber caves of the principality. At the same time, dragons that are not 100% fed may bring less gold than well-fed ones. Hungry dragons will not look for gold at all. The prince transfers to the state budget half of the gold that the dragon brings under the influence of the aqueduct. This portion of government revenue goes to the Age of Megaliths Securities Fund;
  • increasing the power of dragons’ intentions. If a dragon was born or lives in a principality with an aqueduct, its intention power increases by 5%.
  • daily payments. The state pays daily bonuses in gold coins to the princes and emperors who have built the aqueduct. These payments are made from the Age of Megaliths fund;
  • bonuses for each Aqueduct built. After each aqueduct is built on the clone land, the state pays a bonus of 300 gold coins to the princes who are already in the megalithic era.

These bonuses and improvements make the aqueduct one of the important and profitable megalithic structures in the world of clones.