Giant engine

Giant engine #

Giant engine

The clone population had passed the 600,000 mark and continued growing every day. Oxygen consumption increased. The clones realized that the 4 great engines made by the creators of this world would soon not be able to cope with pumping the daily volume of oxygen.

Scientists have created technical documentation for the engine, although it is somewhat inferior in power to the original. But, nevertheless, it was a real miracle of the world, which was called the “Giant Engine”.

Construction #

Architectural marvel “Giant Engine” could be built by an emperor in a principality that transitioned into the oil era

The cost of construction on the Metropolis and Enclave servers is the same.

Table. Construction cost of the Giant Engine

FlourLarge mechanical part50,000

Mechanical parts can be obtained using automated freight cars.

Only clones with the Mechanical Engineer degree can participate in the construction of the Giant Engine.

Repair #

Starting with 1001 days after its construction, the wonder needs repairs every 30 days.

Table. Giant Engine Repair Cost

FlourLarge mechanical part300

If the building is not repaired on time, the time until the next repair is still taken into account. That is, after 60 days you will need to spend the double amount of materials, and so on.

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, since there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic Aqueduct Repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses #

The giant engine brings many useful bonuses for the principality and dragons:

  • improved agriculture. Due to the increase in the level of oxygen in the air and the acceleration of oxidative processes, the fields on the territory of the principality with a giant engine are in a state of black steam for 3 days less than usual, and the rate of ripening of agricultural products in all fields increases by 5%.
  • increase in income from dragons. The Principality with the Giant Engine receives income from gold, which is brought by well-fed dragons living in the amber caves of the Principality. The prince transfers to the state budget half of the gold that the dragon brings under the influence of the Giant Engine . This portion of government revenue goes to the Railroad Securities Fund.
  • increasing the power of dragons’ intentions. If a dragon was born or lives in a principality with a Giant Engine built, its power of intention increases by 10%.
  • daily payments. The government pays daily bonuses in gold coins to the emperors who have built the Giant Engine. These payments are formed as follows: 80% of the income of the tertiary production plant is directed by the state to the fund of giant engine owners. If there are few completed buildings, the state can regulate the payment from the fund, reducing the value and thereby allowing the fund to accumulate for future payments.

Example #

For example, the fund is replenished daily by 1000 gold. If less than 10 structures are built, then each engine owner receives 100 gold daily, and the rest of the funds are accumulated in the fund. While there will be few engines, the fund will accumulate mountains of gold, which will allow it to save large payments for years to come! An increase in the number of engines at one point will lead to the fact that the accumulated fund will begin to decrease. At a certain point, the daily accumulated fund will be divided equally between all owners of the miracle, without state regulation, in a natural way.

These bonuses and upgrades make the Giant Engine one of the most important and extremely profitable structures in the world of clones!