Great ear

Great ear #

Great ear

The Great Ear is a mighty architectural structure that can magically attract majestic clouds with the help of rain plates that are produced in an alchemical laboratory. These clouds irrigate agricultural lands with fertile moisture, significantly increasing the profitability of agriculture.

The following have the right to build the architectural miracle “Great Spike”:

  • a prince who has reached the 5th level of university development in his principality;
  • owner of a settlement that has reached megacity status and has a technology level of 9440 or higher. Moreover, the settlement should be located on the territory of the principality, where the prince also improved the university to the 5th level.

The Great Spike is designed to improve conditions for agriculture and enrich the area with moisture, which helps to increase the productivity and profitability of land.

Construction #

The cost of construction in settlements on the Metropolis and Enclave servers, as well as in the principalities of the Enclave server, is the same.

Table. The cost of building the Great Spike in recent years on the Metropolis and Enclave servers, as well as in the principalities of the Enclave server

timbertimber11 150
Edged boardEdged board22 300
Mounting railMounting rail44 600
LiningLining89 200
Foundation blockFoundation block11 150
Floor blockFloor block22 300
Cladding slabCladding slab44 600
BrickBrick89 200
Magic solar plateMagic solar plate220
Magic rain plateMagic rain plate220

The cost of construction in the principalities on the Metropolis server is significantly higher.

Table. The cost of building the Great Ear in the principalities of the Metropolis server

Edged boardEdged board29 213
Mounting railMounting rail58 426
Foundation blockFoundation block14,606
Floor blockFloor block29 213
Cladding slabCladding slab58 426
ArmatureArmature11 85
Magic solar plateMagic solar plate288
Magic rain plateMagic rain plate288

Important! If the prince has already built the architectural miracle “Giant Sunflower”, then to build the “Great Ear” he will need 20% less solar plates.

During the day, each builder consumes 0.5 flour and 1 unit of other resources. Gold coins are written off completely at the beginning of construction and are a state tax.

Repair #

Starting 1001 days after its construction, the miracle needs repairs every 30 days.

Table. The cost of repairing the Great Ear

ResourceRepair cost
Edged boardEdged board223
Mounting railMounting rail446
Foundation blockFoundation block111
Floor blockFloor block223
Cladding slabCladding slab446
Magic solar plateMagic solar plate2
Magic rain plateMagic rain plate2

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, since there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the Great Spike

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses #

Additional Great Spike bonuses include:

  • increasing the rate of ripening of agricultural products. In all fields located on the territory of the principality or metropolis where the “Great Ear” wonder is built, the ripening time of the crop is reduced by 5%. This contributes to faster harvesting and increased land productivity;
  • bonus to dragons’ intention. For dragons born in the environment of the “Great Ear”, +5 intention is added. Additionally, if a dragon lives in an amber cave on the territory of a principality with a “Great Spike” built, he is also awarded an additional +5 intentions;
  • daily allowance from the state. The owners of the “Great Spike” receive a special allowance from the state daily as an additional reward.