Princely Palace

Princely Palace #


The Prince’s Palace is an important structure for princes who strive to achieve the title of Emperor of the Clone Lands.

Having a palace is a mandatory requirement for princes who want to become emperors. This palace symbolizes the highest status in the clone world.

After the construction of the first princely palace, the state begins to pay 7% of the income received from the article “Increasing social status” into the “palace fund”. At the end of each working day, the accumulated fund is evenly distributed among all the owners of the princely palaces. This is an additional source of income for the princes, which is why the princely palace is an economically important structure.

To begin construction of a princely palace, you must have only 30% of each type of resource available, with the exception of those that are completely consumed at the beginning of construction. Other resources can be added as construction progresses.

Any prince can build a princely palace, regardless of his current status and level of development.

The Prince’s Palace is a symbol of power and status in the world of clones, as well as a source of additional income for its owners.

Construction cost #

Table. Cost of building the Palace

WoodWood41 250
StoneStone41 250
SapphireSapphire20 625
AmethystAmethyst10 312

One builder uses 0.25 iron and cereals, as well as one unit of each of the other types of resource per day. Gold coins are written off completely at the beginning of construction and are a state tax.

Repair #

This structure does not require periodic repairs.

Additional bonuses #

At the end of each working day, a special fund is divided among all palace owners.