Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths #

Thermal Baths

The Baths are an important structure in the clone world that promotes the development of useful characteristics of clones, such as initiative and prudence, and also improves the recovery of stamina.

Construction #

To build the Baths, an Aqueduct must be built in the principality.

Thus, the presence of an Aqueduct is a prerequisite for the construction of Thermal Baths. This is important to consider when planning the construction of miracles.

Table. Cost of construction of Therm

Linseed oilLinseed oil500
Golden eggGolden egg100

Note. Each builder’s consumption is one unit of each resource per day.

Repair #

This structure does not require periodic repairs.

Visiting a facility with clones #

In the Terme, clones are awarded the following characteristics once a day:

  • +2 units of military initiative if the clone does not have a military rank or his criminal authority is below the “Mole” level;
  • additional +2 units of military initiative for each level of criminal authority (10 levels in total, from Moli to Sprut) or for each subsequent military rank (from second lieutenant/cornet/non-commissioned lieutenant to field marshal general/admiral);
  • +1 unit of judgment;
  • +20% of the daily stamina consumption;

If a clone owns a settlement of City level or higher, it also receives:

  • +1 point of intention.

All residents of the principality can visit the Baths. To do this, you need to go to the “Visiting Thermal Baths” section (“Character” → “Real Estate Rental” → “Visiting Thermal Baths”). Tramps are not allowed to enter the Baths.

To visit the Baths you need to pay 0.025 gold coin. 50% of this amount goes to the state budget.

In one day, no more than 1000 clones can visit the Baths. To visit the Baths, you need to rent 1 place for each clone. The minimum rental period is 1 day, and the maximum is 365 days. The rental price is reserved for the entire period. In case of cancellation of rent, the gold for the remaining period is returned. The Prince has the ability to manage the available places in the Baths. For example, give access to the Baths only to clones from his own account, and declare there are no free places for others.

In the future, the Baths can be reconstructed to increase the number of possible visitors per day.

Additional Bonuses #

Every day the state pays out 50 gold coins from the megalithic era fund. This amount is divided equally among all the princes who have built the Baths. It is important to note that if there is not enough money in the fund to pay, then payments will be suspended until the fund reaches the required amount.