Great Warrior Complex

Great Warrior Complex #

Great Warrior Complex

The Great Warrior Complex is an important megalithic structure that allows clones to develop various skills and characteristics. It is important to note the following:

  • the construction of the Great Warrior Complex is possible only in the principality where the Baths have already been built.
  • in the Great Warrior Complex, clones can train military skills, charisma and intention. This training can improve their effectiveness both in warfare and in other areas of the game;
  • The owner of the Great Warrior Complex decides whether the structure will be accessible to all residents of the clone world or only to his clones. This allows to control who can train in this complex.

This facility provides clones with the opportunity to develop their skills and characteristics, which can be important for successful play in the world of clones.

Construction #

The construction of the Great Warrior Complex should begin from level 1, if necessary, gradually developing it to level 2 or 3. Construction and development costs are shown in the tables below:

Table. Cost of building a Great Level 1 Warrior Complex

Golden eggGolden egg150
Linseed oilLinseed oil400
Magic solar plateMagic solar plate200
Magic rain plateMagic rain plate200
Moon plateMoon plate100

Improvement of the structure #

Table. Cost of upgrading the Great Warrior Complex from level 1 to level 2 or from level 2 to level 3

Golden eggGolden egg100
Linseed oilLinseed oil320
Magic solar plateMagic solar plate160
Magic rain plateMagic rain plate160
Moon plateMoon plate80

Repair #

This building does not need renovation.

Visiting a facility with clones #

Each visit to the Great Warrior Complex built in the Principality once a day gives the clone the following additional characteristics:

  • +50 units of military knowledge if the clone does not have a military rank or his criminal authority is below the “Mole” level;
  • +50 units of military knowledge additionally for each level of criminal authority (10 levels in total, from “Moth” to “Octopus”) or for each subsequent military rank (from second lieutenant/cornet/non-commissioned lieutenant to field marshal general/admiral);
  • +1 point of judgment.

If a clone visiting the Grand Warrior Compound is the owner of a Village level settlement or higher, they additionally receive:

  • +1 point of intention.

In one day, the Great Complex of level I warriors can be visited by no more than 1000 clones, level II - 2000 clones, level III - 3000 clones. All residents of the principality can visit the Great Warrior Complex. To do this, you need to go to the “Visiting the Great Warrior Complex” section (“Character” → “Real Estate Rental” → “Visiting the Great Warrior Complex”). Tramps are not allowed to enter the Great Warrior Complex.

The prince charges a visit fee to each clone, the price is 0.025 gold coins. 50% of the paid price goes to the state.

To visit the Grand Warrior Complex, you should rent one seat for each clone. The minimum rental period is 1 day, the maximum is 365 days. At the time of rental, gold coins are reserved for the entire rental period. If you cancel the rent, the gold for the remaining period is returned. The prince can manage the available places: for example, give access to the complex only to clones from his account, and declare for the rest that there are no free places.

Additional bonuses #

Additionally, this structure provides the following advantages:

  • Reducing the period the “under falllow” state of fields. The fields on the territory of the principality with the Great Warrior Complex is built are in “under falllow” state for 1 day less. This allows you to accelerate the ripening of agricultural products and increase the efficiency of agriculture;
  • increasing the dragons’ intent. The Great Warrior Complex increases the “intention” characteristic of all dragons born and living in the principality with this building by 5%. This improves the performance of dragons and can increase their productivity.
  • daily payments from the megalithic era fund. Every day, the state pays 50 gold coins from the megalithic era fund to the princes who built the Great Warrior Complex. This amount is divided equally among all princes, excluding the level of construction. If the fund does not have the required amount, payments are not made until the fund reaches the required value.

These bonuses make the Great Warrior Complex an attractive structure for the principalities. Thanks to them, princes can improve their economic and military capabilities, as well as receive additional income in the form of rent for places and payments from the megalithic era fund.