Bakery #


The bakery in clone land is where bread is made and it is a government monopoly. Only princes have the right to order bread to be baked at the bakery. Other residents of the land of clones can purchase bread from the trade guild.

In order to be able to order bread, the prince must have a personalized business letter. It is important to note that this business letter is purchased once and is valid for life. It cannot be sold or transferred to another clone.

Construction #

Table. Cost of building a Bakery

Resource typeQuantity

Repair #

This enterprise does not require periodic repairs.

Production #

To bake 1 kg of bread, the prince must spend: 1 kg of flour and 0.02 gold coins (state tax).

Production limits #

In the game, a prince who has a registered business letter for a bakery can order bread. Immediately after acquiring a business charter, he has access to a bread production limit of 20 kg per day. If the prince does not use the entire available limit during the day, the limit is reduced by 5 kg/day. If the limit has been fully used, the production volume increases by 1 kg of bread/day. The maximum bread baking limit for one principality is 50 kg per day, and the minimum limit is 5 kg per day.