Barracks #


Barracks are structures that allow you to increase the number of your military squad in the principality. The level of the barracks cannot be higher than the level of the already existing defensive wall in the principality.

Construction #

Start building barracks from level 1 and, if necessary, upgrade them to level 5.

Table. Cost of building and upgrading barracks

Resource type/Building level12345
Processed woodProcessed wood50003000300030003000
Processed stoneProcessed stone50003000300030003000
Oil productsOil product850012,80021,50047,00064,500

Table. The influence of barracks of various levels on the maximum squad size

Barracks levelInfantry, unitsFleet, units

Note. The benefits of the barracks begin to affect the fleet only if there is a warrior statue of level 5.

To begin construction, you only need to have 30% of each type of resource available. Other necessary materials can be added as construction progresses. The prince himself manages the supply of materials and hiring the necessary workers for construction.

Repair #

Table. The cost of repairing barracks of any level

Resource typeQuantity
Processed woodProcessed wood300
Processed stoneProcessed stone300
Oil productsOil product500

The automatic repair feature is very convenient. It allows you to automate the process of maintaining the barracks in working condition. When activated, the system will automatically provide repairs and maintenance to your barracks, freeing you from having to manually monitor this process. This allows you to focus on other aspects of managing your principality and troops.

Table. Automatic repair Barracks

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Maintaining the barracks in good condition is very important for the effective work of the princely squad.

If the barracks are not repaired on time, the prince will receive daily notifications via internal mail.

In this case, fighters accepted into the squad in excess of the limit (excluding barracks) will not:

  • participate in battles;
  • receive daily accrual of characteristics for the service.

Such “inactive” fighters will be selected randomly.

Thus, for successful military activities and the protection of your principality, it is important not only to build and improve barracks, but also to regularly monitor their condition and carry out repairs on time.