Defensive wall

Defensive wall #


The wall in the land of clones is an important defensive structure that helps the prince protect his principality from enemy raids.

The construction of a defensive wall can be an important step in ensuring the security of the principality, and its regular repair is necessary to maintain its effective defense.

Advantages #

The construction of a defensive wall improves the defense capability of the principality. This allows you to more effectively defend against enemy attacks. She stops the enemy on the approaches to the principality and forces him to use siege tactics.

The wall can also bring additional income to the prince, since iron and gold from enemy shells stuck in it can come into the possession of the prince in the form of war trophies.

Protective properties #

The defensive wall can absorb some of the damage from enemy shots in the event of an attack. Thus, the wall is susceptible to destruction during sieges and battles on the borders of the principality. The strength of the wall decreases with each attacking projectile. If the strength of the defensive wall is 8000 units or less, it is considered destroyed and does not protect the principality.

Table. Level of the defensive wall and its maximum strength

Wall levelMaximum strength, points.

Possibility of building barracks #

The presence of a built defensive wall in the principality makes it possible to build barracks of the appropriate level, which allows increasing the maximum possible number of troops in the princely squad. The barracks level available for construction corresponds to the current level of the defensive wall.

Table. Level of barracks available for construction depending on the level of the defensive wall

Wall levelBarracks level

Construction #

The construction of a defensive wall should begin from level I, if necessary, successively increasing its level to V. The possibility of building a higher level of the wall depends on the technological level of development of the principality.

Table. Requirement for the technological level of the principality for the construction of a higher level of defensive wall

Wall levelTechnological level

When building a wall, each builder spends 3 units of petroleum products and 1 unit of other resources per day. Construction begins from the moment when 30% of the required resources of each type are available. Other resources can be added as work progresses.

The prince independently manages the supply of materials for construction and hires the required number of workers for construction. This means that the prince must provide enough resources and manpower to build the wall in his principality.

Repair #

To repair a defensive wall, it is necessary to use all types of required resources in proportion to the degree of destruction of the wall.

If any resource is missing, the wall repair stops. It will resume when all the necessary resources become available.

Table. The cost of repairing 1 unit of strength and the material consumption of each builder

ResourceQuantityConsumption per day
Processed woodProcessed wood0.10.1
Processed stoneProcessed stone0.10.1
Oil productsOil product0.33

The process of wall repair is similar to the construction process. The prince himself hires workers and monitors the availability of materials at the construction site. Repairs occur at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) and the progress of repairs corresponds to the percentage of wall strength.

Each worker repairing the wall spends 5 points of stamina daily. It is also important to note that repairs to the wall can continue even after its strength has been completely restored, if the siege of the principality has not yet ended. Workers will remain at the construction site and participate in repairs in the following days until the end of the siege.

Regular repairs to the wall are important to maintain its effectiveness in protecting the principality from enemy attacks.