Construction of a Principality

Construction #

Clones with bourgeois status or higher can build their own principality. The prince is a respected citizen with high responsibility who cannot engage in robbery and robbery.

If a clone has previously participated in crimes, then in order to receive the title of prince, he must change. When the construction of a principality begins, its criminal characteristics are reset to zero.

There are two ways to build a principality: using a secondary resource and using a tertiary resource.

Below there are details of these construction options.

Construction using a secondary resource #

Table. Construction of a principality using secondary resources

Processed stoneProcessed stone10,000
Processed woodProcessed wood10,000
Processed ironProcessed iron1000
Prince’s land charterPrince’s land charter1

To build a principality, each builder will use 0.5 units of crops, 1 unit of processed stone, 1 unit of processed wood and 0.1 units of processed iron per day. In addition, at the very beginning, land lia land charter and intention will be required to formalize land ownership and begin work.

Construction for a tertiary resource #

Table. Construction of a principality for a tertiary resource

Oil productsOil product10,000
Edged boardEdged board2600
Mounting railMounting rail5200
Foundation blockFoundation block1300
Floor blockFloor block2600
Cladding slabCladding slab5200
Golden eggGolden egg20
Prince’s land charterPrince’s land charter1

Each builder will consume 1 unit of tertiary resource and 1 unit of other building materials per day. In addition, to begin construction you will need the following resources: a land charter, gold coins, intention and golden eggs. They are used to lay the foundation of the principality.

Then, every day, each builder will spend 1 unit of tertiary and 1 unit of other materials for the construction of buildings and infrastructure of the new principality.

It is necessary to regularly replenish supplies of building materials so that builders can build the principality without interruption. Daily resource costs will continue until all construction work is completed. Once all the necessary work is completed, the clone will receive the honorary title of prince and ownership of his own principality.

A land charter for the principality can be purchased at the charter auction. They appear there when new lands are discovered.

The certificate can be transferred to any clone from the account through the storage, but it cannot be sold.

Before construction begins, the prince himself organizes the supply of materials and hires workers. Familiarize yourself with hiring rules and resource usage in advance.

To start work, it is enough to have 30% of each material, except for those that are completely consumed. The rest can be added as construction progresses.

The cost of a principality is taken into account in the evaluation of the clone and account property with a coefficient of 1.4.

The prince gains 15 experience per day, spending 1 stamina. If you have insufficient stamina, experience will not be awarded.

A prince can simultaneously perform administrative duties in the principality and work at other enterprises.

A prince has the opportunity to upgrade his combat skills and receive military ranks and regalia.