Metallurgical shop

Metallurgical shop #

Metallurgical shop

The metallurgical workshop is an enterprise in the game where special trays are produced. They are used in gold mining. This is an important element of the game, allowing princes to participate in the economy and provide other players with the necessary resources.

To open his own production of trays, the prince needs to develop the Princely Forge enterprise to level II or higher.

Once this facility is developed, the prince can set up automatic tray production. Produced trays will be automatically purchased by the state at the fixed cost, which is 6,007 gold. It is important to note that a prince cannot keep the goods produced; they are sold to the state.

Construction #

Table. Cost of tray production construction


Repair #

The enterprise does not require periodic repairs.

Production #

The plant produces trays in batches. Each pack consists of 10 trays.

Table. Cost of producing a pack of trays

Processed ironProcessed iron5

Production limits #

The production limit for trays in the principality depends on the level of development of the Princely Forge enterprise. Here is a table with tray production limits depending on the development level:

Table. Tray production limit in a principality

Development levelNumber of trays

All transactions with finished products are visible in the prince’s ledger.

Products purchased by the state are sold to all residents. They can pan for gold in settlements.

When joining a gold mine, a clone automatically buys a tray from the state. Price - 6.01 gold per tray.