Repair of the Principality

Repair of the Principality #

All principalities in the land of clones need periodic repairs. Starting 1001 days after construction, repairs are required every 30 days. Repair is possible only with tertiary resources. The cost of repairs depends on the number of principalities on the account.

Repair cost #

Table. The cost of repairing each principality, depending on the total number of principalities on the account

Resource/Number of principalitiesUp to 2 inclusiveFrom 3 to 5 inclusiveFrom 6 to 10 inclusiveFrom 11
Edged boardEdged board385770110
Mounting railMounting rail76114140220
Foundation blockFoundation block18273565
Floor blockFloor block385770110
Cladding slabCladding slab76114140220

You do not need to manually supervise the repair of the principality. There is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the principality

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

If the principality is not repaired on time, then the collectors will not be able to deliver dividends on securities to the principality’s treasury. Lost dividends will be sent to the government repository.

An unrepaired Principality cannot be put up for sale at the Principalities Auction. If the principality, being put up for auction, is not repaired in time, it will be removed from sale.

The production of goods and products in the factories of an unrepaired principality is not available.

If there is at least one unrepaired principality on the user account, you will not be able to list the lot on the trading guild currency exchange.

Repairs are cumulative. If the principality is not repaired for a long time, then every 30 days the total cost of repairs increases. For example, if there has been no repair for two months, then 2 sets of resources will be required for the repair, and if there has been no repair for 10 months, then 10 sets of resources will be needed to repair it.

Therefore, ensure timely repairs to avoid losing the value of your assets.