Transfer of the Principality

Transfer of the Principality #

A prince can completely transfer the right to manage his principality to another clone on the account. This is done on the “Principality” page (“Your Principality” → “Principality”). The receiving clone must have a status of at least bourgeois and not own another principality.

Price #

The cost of the transfer is 100 gold coins, the application will be reviewed within 24 hours.

Transfer rules #

When transferring the principality, certain restrictions apply:

  • the empire cannot be transferred;
  • transfer during a siege;
  • if both clones are at an auction or in battle;
  • in the presence of unfinished construction projects;
  • the receiving clone must not be a member of a gang or bandit army.

Thus, the transfer of the principality to another clone is possible subject to the necessary rules and restrictions.