Building a house

Building a house #

Clones of the social status “artisan” and above have the opportunity to build real estate in the clone world. These properties can be of varying capacity and comfort, ranging from level 1 houses to development level 32.

One of the special types of real estate is a castle, which can be built using Hospitable Shelter elixirs. Each elixir increases the level of the house by one unit. This elixir can be made in the Alchemist Tower.

You can live in clone houses, rent other people’s houses, or move into your own. Here, clones have access to such actions as restoring stamina, developing the “intention” characteristic, farming, storing valuables in safes, as well as the ability to build chicken farms and caves for dragons.

House owners have the right to receive daily cash subsidies from the state, as well as from the prince and mayor, which makes real estate an important source of income and a prestigious element in the gaming world of the Golden Clone game. Real estate development and construction plays an important role in the economy and game mechanics, making this system one of the key components of the gameplay.

Choosing a site for construction #

Choosing a principality and settlement is important to optimize your gaming experience and achieve your goals in Golden Clone. Consider all of the above factors to make an informed decision.

Choosing a principality and settlement to build a house in the “Golden Clone” is important, taking into account several points.

If your goal is to increase the population in your principality, then building a house in your own principality and your own settlement may be preferable. This helps grow your empire and allows you to manage social policy in real estate more directly.

The size of social subsidies depends on various factors, including the level of development of the principality and settlement, as well as the will of the prince or emperor. Highly developed empires, having large populations, provide stable but relatively small subsidies. While young empires, facing less competition, can offer larger subsidies. When choosing a principality and settlement, you should consider the balance between stability and the size of subsidies.

Mayors can also assign and pay social subsidies to their residents. Therefore, it is important to choose the right settlement within the principality. Research the proposals of city leaders and consider what benefits they provide to residents, including subsidies.

When planning to engage in agriculture, choose a principality with structures to improve farming conditions, such as architectural wonders and megalithic structures. Also note that the principality’s transition to the technological era of oil may provide additional benefits for the development of social policy in real estate.

When choosing a construction site, be sure to discuss the issues that interest you with the princes, mayors, or contact the community of players on the game forum. In addition, in the registry of principalities, you can familiarize yourself with the payments that are provided by the owners of principalities and settlements to property owners, which can help you make a more informed decision.

The choice of where to build your house in the “Golden Clone” depends on several options:

Construction in a specific settlement in any principality #

This option assumes that you have already made your choice on a specific settlement and principality where you want to build a house. Once construction begins, you will not be able to move the house to another principality, or to another settlement in the same principality.

Construction in a specific principality without choosing a settlement #

If you have decided in which principality you want to build a house, but have not yet chosen a specific settlement, then you can start construction in the principality. Later, you will once have the opportunity to move your hoyse to one of the settlements in this principality. If the house does not belong to any settlement, it cannot be occupied or rented out.

Construction on the “Imperial lands” of the state of clones #

“Imperial lands” are a transit point for those who have not made a final decision on the construction site. There are no subsidies provided here, and you cannot choose a settlement during construction. However, in the future, you will be able to move your house once to any principality and settlement in that principality of your choice;

Building in your own settlement on Imperial lands #

If you want to develop your own settlement on Imperial lands, you can build houses in this settlement. Later, you will once be able to move your settlement to any principality along with all the houses that are located in it.

Construction process #

The process of building houses in the game is gradual and depends on the house development level.

Each house development level requires 96 hours to complete construction. For example, it’ll take you 96 hours to build a first level house, 192 hours - for a second level house, and so on. This means that higher level houses take longer to build.

A house owner can hire construction assistants to speed up the construction process. This can be useful, especially when building larger houses, to reduce overall waiting time.

Properties can be built using primary or tertiary resources, depending on the house level. Resources are needed to complete the construction, and you must have them in your account or purchase them on the market.

The cost of constructing different types of buildings may vary. You can find this information in the “House Building” section of the game.

In the “House Construction” section you can track all your houses that are in the process of construction. Here you can hire builders to speed up the construction process.

The process of building houses in the Golden Clone takes time and resources, but can be a key element in the development of your player character and empire. Consider all of the above factors when planning and managing your property.

Acceleration of construction #

The process of speeding up the construction of a house using third-party workers in the game provides players with the opportunity to reduce construction time.

First, you need to select the house you want to build on the Build a House page in the game.

In this house, you set the general fund for paying the builders and the price of one task. The minimum price for one task is 0.0001 gold. The size of the fund is determined as the price of the task multiplied by the number of required tasks (construction hours).

Then you place an advertisement for hiring construction workers on the labor exchange.

As soon as a builder accepts a task, the duration of building a house is immediately reduced by 1 hour. The acceleration will continue as long as the builder completes the tasks.

During the last hour of construction, additional builders cannot be hired. Hired builders are paid immediately upon completion of the job.

You can monitor your construction progress on the Build a House page, where the progress bar shows progress as a percentage relative to the total construction time.

This mechanism allows you to reduce construction time significantly and gain access to the house faster. Consider the task price and rating on the Labor Exchange to optimize the hiring of builders and speed up the construction of the house.

Example. Let’s give a detailed example how to accelerate the construction of a house by hiring builders:

  • you decide to build a first level house, which is usually built in 96 hours;
  • you set the price of one task as 0.0002 gold;
  • you decide to hire 95 construction workers at the same time;
  • Builders are hired within the first 15 minutes after the start of a house construction;
  • after hiring all 95 builders, 15 minutes out of 60 have passed, which is 25% of the total construction time;
  • the total payroll for builders is 0.0002 gold per task, multiplied by 95 tasks, which is equal to 0.019 gold coins;
  • construction acceleration allows you to complete the construction of a first level house in 1 hour instead of the usual 96 hours.

Thus, you have reduced the time of building a house to a minimum, using the mechanism of hiring builders. Consider the job price and the number of builders hired to optimize this process and speed up the development of your property in the game.

Raising the house level, elixir “Hospitable Shelter” #

You don’t have to build a high-level house right away. You can build a house at a lower level, and then gradually, level by level, upgrade it as needed.

Applying one “Hospitable Shelter” elixir to a house magically increases its level by 1 development unit. The effect of using the elixir is immediate; there is no need to wait, as during construction.

This elixir can be made independently in an alchemical laboratory or purchased ready-made at the fair.

The top level property - “castle” cannot be built immediately. You can only get a castle by upgrading your home using the “Hospitable Shelter” elixir.

You can upgrade any of your houses to level 50 and then it will turn into a castle. The mandatory use of elixirs gives the castle special properties, thanks to which the clones living there receive maximum stats, the guards gain additional strength over robbers (subject to the use of an additional house defense system), and dragons can live deep under the castle in a special cave.