Cellars #


Unlucky thieves who encroached on the house’s treasury and were detained by security temporarily end up in the basement. You can see the caught thieves by clicking on the “Basement” button next to a specific house on the “Security and Protection” page (“Investor” → “Real Estate” → “Security and Protection”).

Every house with a development level of 3 units and above has a basement.

Basements in different houses have different sizes, this determines the number of caught thieves that you can keep at one time. No matter how many robberies your house can be subject to, the number of bandits you can place in the basement at a time.

The thief will be in the basement for two days, during which he will not be able to go on business.

The owner of the house can punish the thief by carrying out sophisticated executions and rewarding him with very unpleasant combat skills: “Whipping Wounds”, “Dung Spirit”, “Chicken”. Also, each punishment carried out removes 10 crime authority units from the thief.

The number of possible punishments for each thief (for the current stay in the basement) is calculated using the following formula:

N = K / 0.05;


K is the size of the house’s treasury at the time the thief is caught.

For example, if the house treasury was equal to 1 gold coin, then you can punish the thief: N = 1/0.05 = 20 times. If the house treasury is less than 0.05 gold coins, then you will not be able to apply punishments to the detained thieves (although they will still sit in the basement for two days, or until you release them first).

Any combination of punishments can be applied to one thief; one punishment can be applied several times.

The executions carried out on the thief: “Whipping Wounds” (flogged with a whip), “Dung Spirit” (dipped into a dung pit), “Chicken” (coated with honey and sprinkled with feathers) will be displayed in the news feed and will bring him great inconvenience in subsequent battles.

The thief may offer a ransom in gold coins so as not to sit in the basement for two days. You can accept the ransom and the thief will be released immediately.

You can also demand a ransom yourself for causing moral damage. You can use in-game mail to communicate with the prisoner. The prisoner offers the ransom amount. If the owner of the house agrees, he orders the guards to let him go. The owner of the house transfers 5% of the amount of this ransom to the state budget.

If the thief has already offered you a ransom, but you decided to punish him first anyway, then the offered ransom will be returned to the thief in his hiding place.

You can only detain large thieves (with the amount of military knowledge equal to or higher than the value you define), and release smaller thieves automatically. You can also set up automatic acceptance of ransoms equal to or higher than a certain amount. These values can be changed in the basement settings for each individual house (Security and Security page).