Drainage system

Drainage system #

Drainage system

A drainage system is an important improvement for your home and provides several benefits.

You can build a drainage system in a house if its development level is 4 or higher.

Residential buildings with a drainage system are marked with a special guild logo (letter G), which makes them more progressive buildings.

Houses with a drainage system are automatically included in the builders’ guild. This makes it possible for all members of the builders’ guild to receive additional monetary contributions from the state. Having a drainage system in the house is necessary to build landing pads for dragons.

Construction #

Table. Cost of building a drainage system

Edged boardEdged board100
Mounting railMounting rail200
Foundation blockFoundation block50
Floor blockFloor block100
Cladding slabCladding slab200

A drainage system is an important improvement for your home and is built once for each home. After the construction of the drainage system, its level remains constant and does not depend on further increases in the level of the house. The construction process of the drainage system takes 192 hours.

To start building a drainage system on the home you want, you can go to the Properties and Renovations page and select Home Listing. Then, to speed up construction, you can hire builders, just like you do when building houses. Construction progress can be tracked on the House List page, where the scale shows construction progress as a percentage of the total construction time.

Repair #

The drainage system in the house does not require periodic repairs. It remains functional and maintains its capabilities after construction without additional maintenance.