Answers on questions

Answers on questions #

Question. Is there a significant difference in building one second level house (takes 192 hours) or two first level houses (takes 96 hours)? After all, building two houses at the same time will take less time?

Answer. Yes, construction will be faster if you use the help of builders. You decide for yourself how many houses and what level to build. If you have fewer houses, but of a higher standard, you will be more comfortable managing them. On the other hand, you can build several lower-level houses in different places to minimize the risks of reduced subsidies from the prince or mayor.

Question. Can I evict a tenant (not my clone) from my home?

Answer. No. You can only refuse to renew the tenant’s lease. In this case, he will live in the house for the entire remaining paid rental period.

Question. I had a level 10 house in which I built a complete home defense system. Then I increased the level of the house to 18, but did not improve the defense system. What is my increase in military knowledge as a security guard?

Answer. In a house of level 10, the protection coefficient is 1.25 + 10x0.035 = 1.6. This coefficient still remains after upgrading the house to level 18. You can upgrade your defense for 8 levels by spending 10x8 = 80 pearls, and get a maximum coefficient of 1.25 + 18x0.035 = 1.88.

Question. The guard who works in the castle has 10,000 units of military knowledge. How many units of knowledge will the guard have during the fight with the robber in this house if I build a house defense system?

Answer. 10,000 x 3 = 30,000 military knowledge units.

Question. What discount will I have for building a level of social policy if the house is located in a principality with an oil era and in a metropolis with maximum social policy?

Answer. Discounts for the principality and settlement are cumulative. The total discount in this case will be 50%.

Question. How often will the guard go looking for treasure?

Answer. The guard will devote all his free time from guarding to searching for the treasure. If he finds the treasure, then that day he will not go on a new search.

Question. Does the guard need to take any action to find the treasure?

Answer. No, the entire search process occurs automatically.

Question. Could a bandit attack the house while the guard is looking for treasure?

Answer. The guard searches for treasure only when there are no attacks. Therefore, the search for treasure does not in any way affect the effectiveness of protection.

Question. How many irrigation systems can be built if the level of my house is, say, 29?

Answer. In a house at level 29 you can build 2 irrigation systems. As soon as the house level reaches 30, one more system will be available to construct (in total there will be 3 systems).