Home security

Home security #

Home security

Home security plays an important role in protecting your property treasury from burglars. Every day, a real estate treasury is formed in each house. To receive funds from this treasury, you need to protect your home from possible robberies.

Your home accumulates funds every day in its real estate treasury. These funds are stored in the house for 24 hours.

In order to receive funds from the treasury, you must protect your home from possible robberies. This can be done by hiring security guards, having watchdogs, creating an additional security system in the house, or developing a social policy in it.

In order for your house to be robbed, there must be a minimum amount of 0.001 gold in the treasury. If the amount is less than this, the robbers cannot attack.

A thief can steal no more than the amount that is in the treasury at the time of the robbery.

If your house is not guarded, the thief will immediately take all the gold coins from the treasury. If there are guards, a fight will begin between them and the robbers.

Only one robbery of each specific house can be carried out at a time.

Interesting point. The number of robberies your home can be subject to in 24 hours depends on its level of development and is calculated by the formula:

\(N = L / 10\)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(L\)level of development of the house
\(N\)number of robberies every 24 hours

The fractional number of robberies is rounded according to the rules of mathematics. For example, 1 attack is possible on a house on level 14, and 2 attacks on a house on level 15.

Please remember that the start and end of the 24 hour period for each home is random. Thus, in a given calendar day, your home may experience more attacks, but they will be in different 24-hour periods.

If your home was attacked, you will see a report of the attack in the “Raids on your homes” section (“Security and defense” → “Raids on your homes”). If your home is robbed, it means your property is in danger. It may be worth tightening up security to protect your funds and resources.

To ensure the safety of your property and preserve funds in your treasury, it is important to develop a protection strategy and, if necessary, hire experienced security guards or use other available protection methods.

Hiring security guards #

Hiring security guards is an important aspect of protecting your property from attacks. It is important to remember the following points:

  • guards can be hired among clones whose status is not lower than that of an artisan;
  • you can hire no more than one security guard per home;
  • in order for security guards to find vacancies in your property, you must enable the “Vacancies available” option on the “Real Estate List” page (“Security and Protection” → “Real Estate List”);
  • applicants for the security guard position will submit applications, and you can accept or reject them;
  • when choosing a security guard, pay attention to his military skills, availability of weapons (both firearms and bladed weapons) and general military training;
  • hired guards have the opportunity to develop their combat skills;
  • the guards receive a salary in the form of a portion of the gold taken from the thieves if they successfully prevent an attack;
  • if you are not satisfied with the security guard’s performance, you can always fire him and hire another one.

Well-organized security will help protect your property and preserve funds in the treasury.

Hiring your own clones as security #

To ensure the security of your property, you can also hire your own security clones. This can be useful if you have clones with good military training and weapons. There are two ways to effectively organize the protection of your property among your own clones:

Regular way #

Your clone, who you want to get a job as a security guard, can apply for a job as a security guard on the employment page. The clone homeowner must then approve this application in the home security section as described previously;

A more convenient way #

You can select a guard from the list of your clones. This can be done on the “Your clones” tab in the security section of each house. This list only shows clones that are equipped with melee weapons or firearms and are not part of any of the following groups:

  • home security;
  • settlement security;
  • princely squad;
  • gang;
  • bandit army;
  • a squad of cache robbers;
  • registration in the tournament;
  • prisoners of the basements.