Property level

Property level #

All real estate has its own basic level of development (minimum - 0 for a dugout, maximum - 50 for a castle).

Conventionally, real estate is divided into three types depending on the level.

Table. Property levels


The house level determines:

  • the maximum number of clones that can live in it;
  • the number of servants who can work in the house;
  • the number of plots of land allocated by the state for agriculture;
  • the amount of subsidies that are paid daily to the house owner from the state, the prince and the mayor;
  • the amount of stamina that a resident clone can restore daily;
  • the amount of stamina spent to develop 1 unit of the “Intention” characteristic;
  • number of safes for storing securities;
  • the ability to build a landing pad for other people’s dragons to rest during departure;
  • opportunity to build a cave for the dragon.

The current basic level of a house can be increased by using the Hospitable Shelter elixir.