Treasury at home

Treasury at home #

The real estate treasury is a special place in the house where funds are collected and stored throughout the day. In addition to subsidies, the treasury may receive dividends from securities and discovered treasures. The owner of the house can also manually replenish the treasury with an arbitrary amount, for example, if he is confident in his security and wants to receive a ransom from thieves.

The current size of the treasury in each house is displayed in a special line in the list of your real estate. Within 24 hours, the house may be attacked by robbers; if the attack is successful, the treasury may be stolen. The main task of the homeowner is to organize reliable security for the home. Security will protect the accumulated funds in the treasury. If the guards successfully defend the treasury within 24 hours, then at the beginning of the next day all funds accumulated there are automatically transferred to the game account of the owner of the house. You cannot withdraw funds from the treasury manually; they are transferred automatically.

Subsidies from the prince and the owner of the settlement #

Prince and Settlement Owner Subsidies are additional payments that homeowners can receive if they build their property on land owned by a specific Prince or Settlement Owner. The size of these subsidies depends on the level of the house built. The higher the level, the more subsidies can be received from the general fund of payments for real estate, appointed by the prince or the owner of the settlement. Subsidies are paid to the home owner’s gaming account daily.

However, it should be noted that homeowners do not receive these subsidies if they have hungry clones on their account, that is, clones with a stamina rating below 0. Also, payments are not made if the prince or settlement owner has a stamina rating (or the stamina rating of other clones on his account) below 0.

If on any particular day there is not enough gold coins in the game account of the prince or the owner of the settlement to pay subsidies, then on that day subsidies will not be paid to any owner of real estate located on their territory.

Information on the amount of subsidies for real estate from each prince and owner of the settlement can be seen in the register of principalities and settlements by selecting a specific principality or settlement.

Manual replenishment of the treasury

Replenishing the treasury is one of the ways to ensure the safety of your treasury and protection from possible robbers. This process allows the owner of the house to independently contribute funds to the treasury to ensure its sufficient level. You can choose one of the following options for replenishing your treasury:

  • replenishment of the treasury. This option gives you the opportunity to make a one-time deposit of a certain amount into the treasury of the house. You indicate the desired amount and make a one-time top-up;
  • automatic replenishment of the treasury in case of robbery. In this case, after each successful robbery of your property, the treasury will be automatically replenished by the amount you specified;
  • automatic replenishment of the treasury every day. Here you set the amount that will be automatically added to the treasury of your home daily (at checkout time). This helps maintain the treasury level on an ongoing basis.

The choice between these options depends on your preferences and the level of security you want for your property.