Land plots

Land plots #

Land plots

Homeowners, among other opportunities, have the opportunity to cultivate fields and grow crops used to feed livestock, as well as vegetables to feed clones.

Land plots are fields in which you can grow crops. The number of available plots in your home depends on its base level. This level can be increased by paying salaries to your servants.

To grow crops on your plots of land, you will need to send one of your clones to work in the field. The worker will cultivate the field, care for the crops and harvest the harvest. This process takes some time and requires endurance.

In the process of cultivating the fields, your clone can be helped by a servant, if you have one in your house. Servants speed up field processing by 10% in the stages of fertilizing, sowing and harvesting.

After completing the cultivation of the field and growing crops, you will receive a harvest. Harvest represents agricultural products - vegetables and grains. They can be used as livestock feed and some can also be used as food for clones.

You can also use fertilizers to increase yield. Fertilizers can be purchased at the commodity exchange and applied to the fields to improve the quality and quantity of the crop.

These are the basic steps in the process of using land in your home. This feature allows you to produce products to support your clones and increase income from your real estate.