Guarding castles with dragons

Guarding castles with dragons #

Guarding castles with dragons

If a castle has a cave in which a dragon lives, then it can be used as a reliable guard. To perform guard functions, the dragon must wear an amulet, and also be fed at least half of the optimal diet. A dragon that is not well-fed will not guard its castle. The amulet can be created in the alchemist tower.

In addition to the regular amulet, you can equip the dragon with the “Dragon Crypto Amulet”. This artifact can be bought at the fair or obtained from special crypto boxes that are sold at auction.

If the dragon wears an amulet and is sufficiently well-fed, any attack by robbers on the castle will end in victory for the guards, with all the ensuing consequences. Seeing the dragon, the unlucky thief will lose the ability to move, will be captured and imprisoned in the cold basement of the castle (subject to availability).

You can see your dragons guarding castles on the “Security and Defense” page.