Renting a house

Renting a house #

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You can rent out areas of your home to other clones, and you can also move your clone homeowner or other clones from your account into it. Settling your clones is available on the “Real Estate” page (“Investor” → “Real Estate”), where there is a “Settle” button next to each house. Each clone can only live in one house and occupy one place. If you want to move to another house, you must first move out of the previous one.

The number of places to live in a house is equal to the base level of this house.

If your house is located on imperial lands or on the territory of a principality, but is not attached to any settlement, then renting out the house or moving into it is impossible.

In order for clones to be able to rent space in your house, you need to set a daily rental price of at least 0.0001 gold coins and no more than 0.1 gold coins. This can be done on the “List of houses” page (“Investor” → “Real estate” → “Real estate and renovation” → “List of houses”). You determine the rental price yourself.

You must also set a maximum continuous rental period for tenants in your home to be a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 299 days. During this period, you will not be able to evict the tenants, but they will be able to evict themselves. After the lease expires, residents will be able to renew it.

You can change the cost and maximum rental period settings at any time, but the changes will only apply to new tenants who pay the rent after the changes. Those residents who already live in the house will comply with the previous conditions until the end of the period they have paid for.

If you do not want to rent out premises to other clones, then enter 0 in the “Rental cost” column. In this case, you will be able to place only your own clones in this house.

The house owner will receive payment on a daily basis, in total in one transaction from all renters. Even if the tenant vacates the house before the end of the rental period, the owner of the house will receive payment for less than a full day of rent. Your own clones will not pay rent, even if its value is greater than 0. This also applies to clones from your other accounts whose personal data is exactly the same as the clone houseowner’s account.

Rent from residents will be transferred to the houseowner’s game account every day minus tax. The tax is 1% of the daily rent for each place. If the tax amount is less than 0.0001 gold coins, then no tax is charged and the rent is paid to the house owner in full.

If a clone houseowner is put up for auction, rent payments accumulate over the course of the auction. After the conclusion or cancellation of this clone selling deal a transaction for the sale of , the accumulated rental payments are paid in a separate item “Accumulated rental payments” to the game account of the owner of the clone.

You are the rightful owner in your house! You can refuse to renew the lease of any tenant, for example, to make room for your clone. To do this, click on the “List of Tenants” icon next to the house and then click on the “do not renew lease” icon. In this case, a counter will appear next to the tenant’s name, counting down the days until his eviction.

Please note that after this clone is evicted, he will not be able to move into this house for 2 days, after which the ban will be lifted.

It is important to note that the rental ban is only available for other people’s clones (not from your account). Your own clones can be evicted from your home immediately, without a two-day reoccupancy ban.

Distribution of real estate rental tax #

As for the distribution of real estate rental tax, rent from residents will be transferred to the game account of the house owner every day minus the tax. The tax is 1% of the daily rent for each place. If the tax amount is less than 0.0001 gold coins, then no tax is charged and the rent is paid to the owner of the house in full.

From this income item the state pays:

  • 25% to the Imperial House Fund;
  • 25% to the active players fund.