Watchdogs #


To reduce the likelihood of a “no fuss and dust” robbery (when a thief sneaks into a house unnoticed and does not engage in a fight with security), the owner of the house can get guard dogs on the “Your Homes” page (“Investor” → “Real Estate” → “Your Homes” “), at a specific house. The cost of one dog is 0.25 gold coins.

Number of dogs in the house #

The maximum number of dogs in the house means that a thief will never go unnoticed and will definitely get into a fight with the guard when trying to break into the house. If there are fewer dogs than the maximum number, then the thief still has a chance to go unnoticed.

Depending on the size of the house, one or another number of guard dogs can be assigned to it.

Table. Maximum number of dogs in houses of different levels

House development levelMaximum number of dogs

Life of dogs #

The lifespan of a watchdog is from 360 to 370 days (it can die on any day of this period).

Each dog consumes 2 stamina units per day, which can be obtained by feeding chicken, pork or beef to the dog feeder. The dog eats once a day, whenever it wishes. There is only one dog feeder for the entire account, and it doesn’t matter which clone you use to replenish it.

A hungry dog will not conscientiously guard the house (that is, reduce the chance of robbery “without noise and dust”), and if the dog is not fed for 10 days in a row, it will die of hunger.

If necessary, the dog can be transferred to serve in another house of yours (if the number of dogs in it has not yet reached the maximum possible) - where, in your opinion, the benefit from it will be maximum (even to a house belonging to another clone of the account). To select this option, click on the icon of the desired dog in the list of houses.

Important! To transfer an animal, it is necessary to develop the maximum level of social policy in the house from which the transfer is carried out.

Selling dogs for coupons #

If the owner of the house no longer needs a guard dog, then you can bring it to the state farm and hand it over for maintenance, receiving state farm coupons. To select this option, click on the icon of the desired dog in the list of houses.

The number of coupons received depends on the age of the dog:

  • from 1 to 200 days - 1 coupon;
  • 201 days and above - no coupon is issued, but the dog is accepted by the state farm for maintenance.