Construction of a settlement

Construction #

Building a settlement

When a clone builds a settlement, the valuation of that settlement and its businesses is factored into the clone’s property valuation and player account valuation. The assessment takes place at the nominal value of the constructed objects, but with an increased coefficient of 1.3.

This means that when calculating the value of the clone’s property and the account as a whole, the value of the built settlements and enterprises will be increased by 1.3 times. This allows clones who build settlements and infrastructure to gain greater influence over their overall score and status in the game.

This mechanism encourages the development and construction of settlements in the game, making them more attractive to players.

Prerequisites for building a settlement #

To start building your own settlement in the game, your clone must have the social status of “peasant”. One clone can only build one settlement. To develop several settlements at the same time, you need to have several clones with the status “peasant” or higher on your account.

Construction cost #

Table. Costs of building a settlement

Land charter of the town plannerLand Charter of the Town Planner1

Attention! When building a settlement, discretion and charisma are consumed immediately after the construction of the settlement begins.

To build a settlement in the game, you will need a land deed from a city planner, which you can purchase at the deed auction. This letter is spent immediately after the construction of the settlement begins. The nominal value of a charter can be expressed in different types of resources: 10 stone, 10 wood, 1 iron, 5 cereals or 0.25 gold.

To start building a settlement, go to the “Create a settlement” page. Here you can select the parent settlement you want to join (if available), and also enter the name of your future settlement.

It is important to note that the owner of the settlement must be an honest citizen with no criminal characteristics. All criminal characteristics, such as crime boss and thief’s luck, will be reset to zero when the construction of the settlement begins.

Choosing a settlement name #

When building your settlement, you can choose a unique name for it. The name must contain no more than 32 Latin or Russian characters (except for the letter “е”). You can also use numbers, a hyphen or a space.

In the future, if for some reason you want to change the name of your settlement, you can do this on the “Your Settlement” page (“Investor” → “Urban Planning” → “Your Settlement”). However, changing the name will cost a certain amount of gold coins, depending on the level of development of your settlement.

Selecting a construction site #

Settlements in the land of clones are located within the principalities. If there are no villages, towns or megacities in the principality, then new estates are built directly on the territory of this principality. If the principality has already built higher units (villages, cities, megacities), then the new estate will be subordinate to this higher unit. Thus, the choice depends on your strategy and development plans.

You can also build a settlement on the free imperial lands of the clone state. These lands can be used as a temporary building site, allowing you to first assess the situation and decide on a future settlement location. However, imperial lands do not provide subsidies for settlement owners. They also cannot choose a higher settlement, unless the owner of the new and higher settlement is the same player.

Depending on your choice of where to build your settlement, you may receive subsidies from the prince or a higher settlement. These subsidies can be important to your initial development, so evaluate which location offers better benefits.

If you start building a settlement on Imperial lands, you can always move it to any principality of your choice, but this can only be done once. Please note that this may require time and resources, so choose your construction site carefully.

Choosing where to build your settlement is an important step in your development strategy in Cloneland, so consider all of the above factors before making your final decision.