Gold mines

Gold mines #

Gold mines

The owner of any settlement can open his own gold mines.

Construction #

Cost of building gold mines: free.

Repair #

This enterprise does not require periodic repairs.

Work in the mines #

Only your own clones (located on the same account as the owner of the settlement) can work at these mines. Moreover, they must live in the territory of this settlement.

To be employed in a gold mine, a clone must have a geologist’s education.

Clones engaged in gold mining cannot perform other third-party work:

  • work at state-owned enterprises;
  • work in private enterprises;
  • work at the Meat Factory (tasks);
  • construction of real estate and long-term facilities;
  • farming;
  • service in the princely squad;
  • security work;
  • participation in robberies;
  • imprisonment in the basement.

Mining gold requires spending 1 unit of stamina per day (in addition to other costs).

Attention. A hungry character (with negative stamina) cannot get a job in the mines. After stamina is restored, this character will be able to pan for gold after the checkout time.

Number of workplaces #

The number of jobs at the mines in a settlement depends on the level of development.

Table. Maximum number of jobs for miners, depending on the level of development of the settlement

Development levelNumber of workplaces

Basic rules for working mines #

When hired to work in the gold mines, the clone automatically acquires the necessary tool - a gold mining tray worth 6.01 gold coins. The service life of such a tray is 1 game day.

The owner of the clones has the opportunity to enable an automatic function, in which every day the clones will automatically buy a new tray to extend their work in the mines.

For normal operation of the mines, the settlement must be in good working order and repaired. If the settlement is not repaired in time, the miners will continue to work until the service life of their existing tray expires. However, it will not be possible to extend the work automatically.

If for some reason a clone loses his status as a resident of the settlement, he will not be able to work until the end of the day. This means that the clone will not receive the income earned for that day from gold mining and will waste its stamina. The cost of the tray will be returned to the clone.

While working in the mines, a prospector may discover a valuable gold nugget. Online you can watch the entire process of searching for gold by clones and finding them. At the end of the working day, the game account statement displays the total amount of gold mined during the day by each prospector. Found nuggets are highlighted in a separate line.