Settlement renovation

Settlement renovation #

All settlements on clone land require periodic repairs every 30 days from the date of construction. Repair is possible only with tertiary resources. The cost of repairs is the same for all types of settlements, both for a small estate and for a large megacity. However, the final price depends on the total number of all settlements on the player’s account.

Thus, regular repairs are important to maintain settlements in working order, and its final cost is determined by the total number of buildings of this type.

Settlement renovations should be planned in advance to ensure there are enough tertiary resources to carry them out. Regular repairs keep your community and its businesses running smoothly, so make sure you stay on top of repair schedules to avoid unwanted downtime.

Repair cost #

Table. The cost of repairing settlements, depending on their number on the account

Number of settlements on the accountTo 10From 11 to 25From 26 to 50From 51 to 70From 71 to 100From 101 and above
Edged boardEdged board111244
Mounting railMounting rail2124611
Foundation blockFoundation block011123
Floor blockFloor block111244
Cladding slabCladding slab2124611

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, since there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic settlement repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Broken Settlements #

Unrepaired settlements pose serious problems for your development in the land of clones.

The production of goods and products in the factories of an unrepaired settlement is not available. Unrepaired settlements stop producing resources, which can lead to losses and loss of production activity.

The settlement’s employees receive notice of the termination of salary payments. However, they are not automatically dismissed and remain in their jobs.

The settlement treasury ceases to receive cash receipts, such as dividends from securities and subsidies. This can lead to losses and reduced profitability of your settlement.

Late repairs will also limit your ability to list items on the Trade Guild Currency Exchange.

If a settlement is not repaired for a long time, the cost of repairs increases. This can make rebuilding a settlement more expensive. For example, if a settlement has not been repaired for two months in a row, then repairs will require two full sets of repair resources at once. If repairs have not been carried out for 10 months, then 10 sets of resources will be needed to resume the operation of the settlement.

That is, the longer a settlement is in a broken state, the more materials will be needed to repair it. Therefore, it is very important to avoid a situation where repairs are postponed for a long time. Otherwise, restoration costs will increase significantly.

It is important to monitor the timing of repairs and ensure they are completed on time so that your settlement continues to prosper and generate income.