Settlement treasury

Settlement treasury #

The settlement’s treasury plays an important role in the economy of the clone lands. The state encourages urban planners by paying them additional subsidies from the “Subsidy to Settlement Owners” fund.

These subsidies depend on the settlement’s technological level, so developing the settlement is important to increase income.

In addition, if the owner of the settlement has securities, the treasury will be regularly replenished with dividends from these securities.

Funds in the settlement treasury are kept for 24 hours. During this period, the treasury may be subject to attacks by robbers. Therefore, it is important to organize protection for the treasury, such as hiring security guards or developing social policies to ensure the safety of funds in the treasury.

Manual replenishment of the treasury #

If you have reliable security in your settlement, you can manually replenish the treasury from your game account. This can be done on the “Defense” page (“Investor” → “Urban Planning” → “Defense”).

The following options are available to you:

  • replenishment of the treasury. This is a one-time replenishment of the treasury for the specified amount;
  • automatic replenishment of the treasury in case of robbery. The treasury will be automatically replenished by the specified amount after each successful robbery of your settlement;
  • automatic replenishment of the treasury every day. The treasury will be automatically replenished daily (at checkout time) by the specified amount. These options allow you to maintain a sufficient level of funds in the treasury and ensure the safety of your settlement.