Settlement defense system

Settlement defense system #

The protection system of any settlement from robberies can be strengthened with the help of black pearls. black pearls can be purchased at the trade guild, earned in tournament and security battles, received from peacocks, or purchased black pearl mines.

The constructed and repaired defense system increases the amount of military knowledge of the guards by a certain factor. This increase only applies while serving as a guard in a given settlement, during a fight with a gang.

Construction #

The cost of building an additional protection system, the cost of its repair and the coefficients for increasing the military knowledge of guards are shown in the table below.

Table. Cost of building a defense system in settlements

Type of settlementBlack pearls, units.

The cost of construction for each level of development of the settlement is indicated for the case when the defense system is built from scratch. If you have already built a protection system at some level, then to resume it at a new level of development you will only need to add the difference in the amount of black pearls. For example, if you spent 1000 units of pearls and built a defense system in the estate. When it is developed to a village, the defense system will turn off. To enable it you will need N = 2000 - 1000 = 1000 units of pearls.

Repair #

Important! Repairs are performed exclusively automatically.

The built protection system requires repairs every 168 hours. If you do not have the required number of pearls for repair, additional protection will be disabled for a week (until the next repair attempt).

Table. Security system repair cost

Type of settlementBlack pearls, units.

Impact on guards characteristics #

Table. The coefficient of increase in military knowledge of guards in different types of settlements thanks to the protection system

Type of settlementCoefficient

Attention. When the settlement defense system is operating, the military knowledge of the guards can exceed the base limit of 1,000,000 knowledge. For example, if a megacity is guarded by clones with 500,000 military knowledge, in battle they will have 1,500,000 knowledge.