Technological level of the settlement

Technological level of the settlement #

The technological level of your settlement is an important characteristic, which is calculated as the sum of your costs for the development of the settlement.

This calculation includes the following costs in gold coins and resources:

  • for the construction of your settlement;
  • to improve your settlement (characteristics are not taken into account);
  • to improve production facilities for the production of primary resources;
  • to improve processing plants for the production of secondary resources;
  • to build great buildings and architectural wonders;
  • for the construction of industrial factories.

Resource costs are converted into gold coins at nominal prices (you can find nominal prices of goods on the commodity exchange).

Increasing the technological level of your settlement allows you to:

  • increase the number of safes for storing securities on your account;
  • receive large proportional payments from various urban funds, such as the principality’s social fund, payments to the treasury of your settlement, additional subsidies from your prince and the owner of the superior settlement.

You can find detailed information about payments from these funds in the section on social subsidies for the owner of your settlement.