Security of the settlement treasury

Security of the settlement treasury #

Security of the settlement treasury

The treasury of your settlement, which accumulates throughout the day, needs reliable protection from attacks by bandits. It is important to ensure the safety of your funds. You can get detailed information about the work of security guards in the section “Working as a Security Guard”. You can get detailed information about the thieves’ craft in the section “Gang of Thieves”.

It is also worth noting that the military department can reward guards who have particularly distinguished themselves in battle by giving them a rare resource for their victories - black pearls.

Recruitment and dismissal #

Clones with a status of craftsman and higher can apply for the position of a guard in your settlement. The owner of a settlement has the opportunity to set certain requirements for candidates, such as the level of military skillls and type of weapons. Applicants apply to be a security guard in your settlement, and you, as the owner, can approve or reject those applications.

To view applications from applicants, you can go to the “Defense” page (“Investor” → “Urban Planning” → “Defense”). When choosing candidates for the position of a security guard, make sure that they have not only weapons (both firearms and bladed weapons) and military training, but also high characteristics, such as the level of knowledge of military affairs, initiative and military ranks. If clone thieves have better weapons and higher stats than guards, then their gang can be successful in robbing your settlement.

If you do not have the opportunity to regularly review applications, you can enable automatic acceptance of incoming applications for the position of security guard. This will simplify the recruitment process and ensure continuous security of your settlement.

In addition, you have the opportunity to accept your own clones as guards, including the clone who is the owner of the settlement, in the “Your Clones” section (“Investor” → “Urban Planning” → “Defense” → “Your Clones”).

The list displays only clones with equipped weapons (melee or firearms) that are not yet in any of the following groups:

  • home security;
  • settlement security;
  • princely squad;
  • gang;
  • bandit army;
  • a squad of cache robbers;
  • registration in the tournament;
  • prisoners of the basements.

Guards must independently monitor the availability of weapons, ammunition, health and stamina elixirs. However, if you want to provide your squad with health elixirs, you can configure this option on the “Management” page (“Defense” → “Management”).

If a clone’s health drops below 10 units or its stamina becomes negative, it will not be able to participate in battle. If you are not satisfied with the service of any security guard, you can fire him at any time. After dismissal, the security guard will be able to submit a new application only after 24 hours.

Gang attacks #

Depending on the level of development of a settlement, its treasury can be guarded by a different number of guards, and not every gang can attack it.

Table. Maximum size of guards and attacking gang in settlements of different types

Type of settlementMaximum number of guardsMaximum gang size

Each settlement, regardless of its level of development, can be attacked no more than three times every 24 hours. The beginning and end of a 24-hour period do not coincide with the beginning and end of a calendar day - the start time of a new period is chosen randomly for each settlement. Thus, during the current calendar day, a settlement may be subject to more attacks than 3, but they will relate to different 24-hour periods.

When carrying out an attack, each gang will carry a cash amount equal to 50% of the current treasury amount they are trying to steal. If the guards successfully repelled the attack, these funds go as ransom to the clone guards and the owner of the settlement.

The ransom is divided in the following proportions:

  • 20% is taken by the owner of the settlement;
  • 80% is divided among all guards who participated in the battle, in proportion to their amount of knowledge in military affairs (taking into account the coefficient of military rank, if any).

To increase the chances of a successful defense, you have the opportunity to build an additional defense system from black pearls. In order to completely eliminate the possibility of an attack by bandits, social policy in the settlement should be developed. This will allow you to activate the “Unavailable to Bandit Attacks” setting.