Tertiary resource plant

Tertiary resource plant #

A tertiary resource plant is not a personal building of each player, but a state enterprise that can be used by any player.

Processing a secondary resource into building material (tertiary resource) is available to princes, as well as clones who have their own settlement with factories developed in it for gaining secondary products. Any clone can create an order for resource processing, but orders will be executed only in accordance with the clone’s personal processing limits (see the section below).

Cost of producing a tertiary resource #

The processed tertiary resource is released from the plant in packages (several units of resource each). The cost of producing one package of building material is fixed at 0.01 gold coins for processed wood and stone, and 0.1 gold coins for processed iron. In addition to gold, for each package it is necessary to spend a secondary resource, which corresponds to the type of tertiary one:

  • processed wood for: timber, edged boards, mounting strip or lining;
  • processed stone for: foundation block, floor block, facing slab or brick;
  • processed iron for: channel, I-beam, angle or fittings.

To produce a package of a tertiary resource, it is necessary to spend at least 1 unit of the corresponding resource (described in more detail below in the text in the subsection “Processing coefficient”). Each package has a different amount of tertiary resource.

Table. Amount of tertiary resource in packs

ResourceQuantity in 1 pack
Edged boardEdged board4
Mounting railMounting rail8
Foundation blockFoundation block2
Floor blockFloor block4
Cladding slabCladding slab8

Recycling limits #

There are daily processing limits for each type of product: plant limits and personal clone limits.

Factory limit #

The number of packages of products produced by the plant per day is limited by the plant’s production limit for these products. Each type of product has its own limit.

The plant limit can change once a day, immediately after production, depending on the value of the overall processing ratio over the past day:

  • total recycling rate = volume of total recycled resource spent on processing / current plant production limit;
  • if this indicator is more than 1.5, the limit increases by:
  • 5% × (total recycling rate - 1.5) percent relative to the current value;
  • if the value is less than 1.5, the limit is reduced by:
  • 10% × (1.5 - total recycling rate) percent relative to the current value;
  • if the value is 1.5, the limit does not change.

The plant cannot produce more products per day than the limit allows it.

Personal clone limit #

Each clone also has a limit on the maximum volume of products available to it for processing during the day. The clone limit for a certain type of product is calculated as the sum of the maximum volume of processing of this secondary product in its administrative unit and in the principality.

Processing orders #

Creating an order #

Resource processing is carried out by the clone creating a processing order, which is executed by the plant once a day, at 18:00 GMT.

When creating an order, you must select the type of tertiary resource and indicate the desired number of packages for production.

The maximum volume of products in clone orders is not limited, but the daily production of products under orders cannot exceed the clone’s personal limit for this product.

When creating an order, the required amount of resource and gold coins is reserved from the clone. When an order is deleted, the reserve is returned to the owner.

Recycling rate #

An important indicator when the plant processes your order will be the processing ratio you set. It determines the number of units of secondary raw materials that you are willing to give to receive 1 package of tertiary resource.

The higher the processing rate, the higher your order will be in the queue of all submitted orders, which means the higher your chances of receiving the resource.

Order queue #

Orders created by all clones during the day are queued. Once a day, at 18:00 GMT, orders are processed by the plant sequentially, according to the queue, and the processed resource goes to the clones’ inventory.

Orders with the highest processing ratio are placed first in the queue. If the coefficient is the same, the top line will be taken by the order that was placed earlier.

If the plant limit is not enough to complete all orders for the current day, then the remaining orders will be queued for the next day.