Account blocking

Reasons for account blocking #

As we know, in the real world there are laws, that is, rules of behavior that must be followed. The state punishes their violation.

Our virtual world also has its own rules and prohibitions, violation of which is punishable, up to complete account blocking.

We are confident that our players are honest and worthy people who follow the rules of the game. However, here we will look at cases where a game account can be blocked for violating the rules, and we will look at specific examples.

Attention! This list is not final and can be supplemented at any time in accordance with the provisions of the current User Agreement.

Using bots #

Using third-party script programs to gain a gaming advantage (clicker programs, autosurfer programs, etc.).

Example. The player had a large number of clones on his game account and used third-party programs to carry out automatic attacks on the houses of residents, mainly of the lowest level of development. Thus, every day he carried out several thousand attacks, taking gold from the masses of players and, accumulating it, taking it out of the game. Was caught in violation and blocked. After the blocking, the player did not agree with the measures taken, citing the fact that he did not manage to steal much and that, in his opinion, this violation was not significant. However, it has been established that third-party programs are used, therefore, there is a deliberate violation of the rules, regardless of the amount of damage.

Deception or attempted deception #

Deception or attempt to deceive players and/or administration.

Example 1. The player came up with a story about a brother who received a serious head wound. He collected money from players, borrowing money supposedly for treatment. He talked about various operations for which there was regularly a lack of funds. He took advantage of the fact that he had been in the game for a long time and offered his game account as collateral. After checking his brother’s place of treatment and other details, the man admitted to fraud and was blocked.

Example 2. The player borrowed money from other players. In order to borrow even more, he reborrowed and paid off old debts, thus constantly increasing the amount of total debt. After complaints and an investigation into the situation, it was blocked.

Intentional discrediting of the project #

Activities aimed at deliberately discrediting the project on third-party resources.

Example. For some reason, the player is pursuing the goal of harming the project. To achieve this goal, the player writes comments and articles discrediting the dignity of the project on various forums or disseminates false negative information in other ways.

Trading accounts in violation of regulations #

Selling or attempting to sell an account in circumvention of existing regulations.

Reason for the ban. On third-party Internet platforms, the player posts information about the sale of his game account. Finds a buyer, often newbies or players who are not very well versed in the game. The seller convinces the new owner that there is nothing to worry about, that the account is registered with other personal data, and for this inconvenience he will give an additional discount. The transaction is carried out, the password and login are transferred, and then, a year later, the support service receives an appeal from such a seller that the account has been stolen, the mail has been hacked, he provides copies of documents and asks to restore access to his account in accordance with the regulations.

Netiquette violations #

Spam, mass mailings in the game, advertising of third-party projects, insults.