Terms of use

Terms of use #

Revision date: October 2, 2023.

I. Introductory provisions #

  1. Welcome to the ranks of Users of the online economic simulator “Golden Clone” (hereinafter referred to as the “simulator”), developed by Fleasoft Corp. All intellectual rights, including the exclusive right to use an economic simulator presented in a fascinating form of a virtual world at the turn of the 16th-19th centuries, belong to Fleasoft Corp. (“Developer”), created under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles.
  2. Any use of the “simulator” not in accordance with this User Agreement (“Agreement”) is expressly prohibited.
  3. The User hereby declares that he is an individual at least 18 (eighteen) years of age, or is fully capable in accordance with the current legislation of the country of residence (residence), or has reached the age of majority in his country and fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of this Agreement. All consequences of failure to comply with this condition are borne by the User.
  4. If you disagree with any of the terms of this Agreement, the User does not have the right to use the economic simulator.
  5. The Developer and the User recognize the procedure and form for concluding this Agreement as equivalent in legal force to an agreement concluded in writing. The User’s first use of the economic simulator is recognized as unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

II. Interpretation #

  1. Clone is a virtual character created and managed by the User, through which the User develops his skills and abilities, as well as spends the user’s leisure time - chatting and on the forum, participating in competitions and tournaments, etc. The scope of opportunities in the virtual world depends on the degree of development of the User’s character.
  2. The life of a clone is a type of activity aimed at spending leisure time and relaxation for the owner of the clone - the User, as well as at developing his certain skills and abilities.
  3. Game – leisure time and recreation for the user, participation in various competitions, tournaments and other events offered by the platform.
  4. Platform, server - a hardware and software complex designed to organize the User’s leisure time.
  5. The Metropolis-2007 server is located in the worldofclone.com domain zone.
  6. The Enclave 2020 server is located in the clonesworld.com domain zone.
  7. Clonecoin, gold coin (gold) are types of conventional units that are awarded to User characters throughout their life, according to the rules of the simulator.
  8. Clonecoin can be exchanged for a “gold coin” unit, at the rate set by the users themselves at the time of exchange. The user monitors possible changes in the rate in the corresponding section of the site. The exchange rate of the “gold coin” for “Clonecoin” is determined by supply and demand between the participants of the economic simulator themselves.
  9. account, wallet - a virtual account of the User, electronically provided by the Developer to each User for accounting for the conventional units “clonecoin” and/or “gold coin” (in the format of the site’s accounting system).

III. General provisions #

  1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision by the Developer to the User of services for organizing leisure and recreation. Such services mean information and other services necessary for organizing and servicing the User on the Developer’s site.
  2. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Developer agrees to provide services to the User, provided that the User:
  3. Has reached the age of majority under the laws of the jurisdiction of his residence or residence, has legal capacity and is of sound mind.
  4. The User is not a citizen and/or resident (tax or otherwise) of a country where the distribution and/or provision of products or services offered by the Developer would be contrary to local laws or regulations. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with and comply with any local laws and regulations.
  5. The User may not create an account in the game, receive a gift or purchase an account and/or otherwise participate in the game if he is a citizen and/or resident (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Singapore or any country subject to US embargoes and sanctions, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan or Cuba.
  6. The economic simulator is intended solely for the entertainment and self-development of the user. The user acknowledges that all activities on this site are entertainment for him and are not related to entrepreneurial activity and making a profit from its implementation.
  7. Descriptive texts of the simulator can use terms used in real life and taken from real business processes, such as: “state”, “taxes”, “banker”, “banks”, “country”, “money”, “gold”, “ real estate", “currency”, “banknotes”, “house”, “enterprise”, “city”, “territory”, “estate”, “village”, “principality”, “fields”, “products”, “fund “, “security”, “yield”, “dividends” and others. All of them relate exclusively to elements of an economic simulator of the virtual world. Any resemblance or resemblance to corresponding real-world objects is coincidental and unintentional.
  8. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the provisions of this Agreement apply to all servers of the Golden Clone project.
  9. Account transactions are reflected in the journal. If within 10 (ten) days from the date of entering information about the completed transaction into the journal, the User does not report his disagreement with it, then he thereby confirms his consent to this operation. After the expiration of the specified period, the User does not have the right to present any demands and claims to the Developer in relation to the specified information, and if they are submitted, these demands and claims are subject to rejection without consideration.
  10. A number of game processes are associated with the possibility of using tokens based on blockchain technology, which are additionally subject to the Disclaimer of Liability, which is an integral part of this Agreement. The User confirms that he has carefully read and fully accepts the Disclaimer and also warrants compliance with all conditions applicable to the User that are set out in the Disclaimer.

IV. The user is obliged #

  1. If necessary (user request to unblock the account in case of multiple incorrect password entries, etc.) Confirm the accuracy of your identity data, allowing you to identify the user as the owner of the account. If the Developer has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is untrue or provided incompletely, his access to the account may be blocked on a temporary or permanent basis, or such User may be denied use of certain services provided by the Developer. The Developer objects to receiving from you in any form, oral or written, any confidential or other information (except in cases of necessary confirmation of information about the account owner).
  2. Do not use the simulator to perform any actions that are contrary to international law and the legislation of the country of the User’s residence.
  3. Do not distribute materials that violate the requirements of current legislation, in particular containing threats and insults, discrediting other persons, violating the rights of citizens to privacy or public order, or being obscene; violating, to one degree or another, the honor and dignity, rights and interests protected by law of other persons; promoting or containing calls to incite religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incite hostility or calls for violence.
  4. Do not interfere with the work of the Developer, its partners and employees.
  5. Do not interfere with other Users’ access to the economic simulator.
  6. Do not deceive the Developer, his partners and other users.
  7. Do not use external programs of any kind to obtain benefits.
  8. Do not use site software errors or undocumented features of the simulator.
  9. Immediately inform the Developer about site software errors and undocumented features that become known to the User.
  10. Immediately inform the Developer about persons who become known to the User who are using site software errors and undocumented features.
  11. Do not use mailings or other types of messages to persons who have not consented to receive them (spam) for any advertising (including advertising of your referral link, as well as links to any resources that may contain advertising information or referral links).
  12. Do not advertise pornography, drugs and resources containing such information, as well as other objects the advertising of which is prohibited in accordance with current legislation.
  13. Treat the Developer, his partners and other users with respect, including not using profanity and insults in any form.
  14. Do not discredit the actions of the Developer, his partners and other users, do not engage in slander against them, do not disseminate information that is such.
  15. Do not use actions, terminology or jargon to conceal a violation of the User’s duties.
  16. Do not threaten violence or physical harm to anyone.
  17. Be personally responsible for the conduct of any of your transactions and operations. The User’s activities are carried out solely at his risk and at his own discretion and will.
  18. The User bears full responsibility to the tax authorities at the place of his residence in the event of deriving any income through the Developer’s site.
  19. Each User is the only authorized user of the Developer’s services and the corresponding account. The User has received the exclusive and non-transferable right to use and access the account and is responsible for ensuring that no third party, including, but not limited to, immediate family members and/or members of his family, has access to the account.
  20. If the User acts on behalf and (or) on behalf of a third party, the Developer does not consider such third party to be the User and is not responsible to him, regardless of whether the identity of such a person is established.
  21. Independently and regularly familiarize yourself with the news of the site, as well as changes in this Agreement, rules and other documents regulating the life process of the economic simulator, posted by the Developer on the site.
  22. Be the first to notify the Developer of your claims and complaints in writing through the “Support Service” page.
  23. Pay for Internet access independently and at your own expense, as well as bear other expenses necessary to use the simulator.
  24. This Agreement is a personal agreement with the User, and the User may not assign or transfer any of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to other persons.
  25. Do not engage in mass creation of accounts with one character of the social status “tramp”.
  26. All transactions in relation to clones and their property must be carried out exclusively on the simulator site and in the ways provided by the user interface.
  27. Do not use as a login and/or character name words and expressions that are links to other resources, are advertising, obscene or vulgar in nature, contain obscene words and insult (or possibly insult) other Users.

V. The developer is obliged #

  1. Provide technical support for the hardware and software complex: maintaining records of significant information, ensuring security measures and user identification, developing software integrated into the simulator platform and external applications in the scope, priorities and terms determined by the Developer.
  2. Maintain confidentiality regarding the User’s personal data in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

VI. The developer has the right #

  1. Provide the User with additional services, the list of which, as well as the procedure and conditions for use of which are determined by this Agreement, the rules of the simulator site and other announcements of the Developer. At the same time, the Developer has the right at any time to change the quantity and volume of services offered, their name, description, type, terms, effect and other conditions of use.
  2. Suspend this Agreement, as well as limit the User’s access to certain features of the simulator or to the entire resource as a whole (forum, chat, etc.) for the duration of the inspection if the User is suspected of violating or complicit in violating this Agreement or other site rules, and also (in order to ensure the safety of the User’s property) in the event that there are grounds to believe that there have been hacking attempts or unauthorized access to the User’s account. Access is restored in accordance with clause 6.3 of this Agreement.
  3. Temporarily restrict access to the User’s account in case of long-term inactivity (no login to the account for more than 100 days), while preserving all life processes of the clones on the account (tool consumption, accrual of characteristics, conventional units, etc. according to the rules of the simulator). To restore access, you must contact the Support Service and act in accordance with clause 4.1 of this agreement. The application will be accepted for consideration within 3 working days from the date of submission. The processing time for an application to restore access is up to 15 working days.
  4. Partially or completely interrupt providing services without warning the User during reconstruction, repair and maintenance work at the simulator site.
  5. Independently and at your own discretion, set the exchange rate for conventional units of Clonecoin to gold coins and back.
  6. Developer may assign or transfer any of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party at any time. In this case, the rights and obligations under this Agreement pass to the third party in full.
  7. Make changes to existing project modules or simulator scenarios, develop and add new project modules and scenarios.
  8. Make changes to this Agreement, site rules and other documents unilaterally.
    1. If changes are made to this User Agreement, such changes will come into force from the moment of publication of the new version of this Agreement, unless a different date for the entry into force of the changes is additionally determined upon its publication.
    2. The User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of this Agreement and bears responsibility, as well as all negative consequences associated with failure to comply with this obligation.
    3. If the User disagrees with the relevant changes, the User is obliged to stop using the simulator, otherwise continued use by the User means that the User agrees with the terms of this Agreement as amended.

VII. Guarantees and liability #

  1. The user agrees that he is personally responsible for all actions performed on the Golden Clone site through his account.
  2. The Developer is not responsible for any content posted by the User and does not undertake any obligation to monitor, review or approve such content. Responsibility for appropriate actions lies directly with the User.
  3. The developer objects to receiving from you in any form, oral or written, any confidential or other information protected by proprietary rights (except in cases of necessary confirmation of information about the account owner).
  4. The user must independently take care of the necessary computer and other security measures. The user must keep confidential and not transfer to another person authentication and authorization data (password, session cookies, etc.) for his account. The User undertakes to prevent unauthorized access to the mailbox specified in the User’s profile and devices (cell phone, device for receiving one-time codes, etc.) that can be used to restore access to the account or confirm transactions in the Golden Clone project " The User agrees that the entire risk of adverse consequences of violation of this provision is borne by the User.
  5. The User agrees that the information security system of the simulator site excludes the transfer of the User’s authentication and authorization data (password, session cookies, etc.), as well as identification information of his account to third parties.
  6. The user agrees that his account cannot be the subject of trading, donation, assignment to third parties on third-party sites and without proper registration in accordance with the rules of the “Golden Clone” project. Trading accounts and inventory on third-party services is prohibited and is a gross violation of the rules (in order to avoid fraud and subsequent complaints). The User agrees that the User himself bears responsibility for failure to comply with this clause of the Agreement.
  7. The Developer is not responsible to the User for the actions of other Users.
  8. The developer is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the User’s use or non-use of information about the economic simulator, rules, and is not responsible for losses or other harm incurred by the User in connection with his unqualified actions and ignorance of the rules or due to user errors in calculations or forecasts.
  9. The user agrees that he is using the simulator site of his own free will and free choice. The Developer does not provide the User with any guarantee that he will benefit or benefit from participating in the simulator.
  10. The Developer does not bear the tax burden for the User.
  11. The User fully agrees that the Developer cannot be held liable for the User’s losses that arose in connection with illegal actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and project databases, or due to interruptions, suspension or termination of communication channels beyond the control of the Developer, used to interact with the User, as well as unlawful or unreasonable actions of third parties.
  12. The developer does not guarantee constant and uninterrupted access to the site and its services in the event of technical problems and/or unforeseen circumstances, including: defective work or non-functioning of Internet providers, information servers, as well as unlawful actions of third parties.
  13. The developer will make every effort to prevent failures, but is not responsible for technical failures and interruptions in the operation of the game, regardless of the reasons for such failures. The developer does not guarantee that the software does not contain errors, and that the hardware will not go beyond operating parameters and will function uninterruptedly.
  14. The Developer is not responsible for the malfunction of the simulator software. The user uses the software on an “AS IS” basis. If the Developer determines that a malfunction (error) has occurred in the operation of the software, then the results that occurred during the incorrect operation of the software may be canceled or adjusted at the discretion of the Developer. The User agrees not to appeal to the Developer regarding the quality, quantity, order and timing of the opportunities and services of the simulator project provided to him.
  15. In case of disputes and disagreements on the simulator site, the Developer’s decision is final, and the User fully agrees with it.
  16. All disputes and disagreements arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. The period for responding to a submitted claim is 10 (ten) working days from the date of its receipt. If it is impossible to reach an agreement through negotiations, disputes, disagreements and claims arising from this Agreement shall be resolved at the location of the defendant in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Seychelles.

VIII. Confidentiality #

  1. One of the Developer’s priorities is to ensure maximum security of the User’s personal data.
  2. Information is not considered confidential if it is publicly known.
  3. The Developer has the right to transfer confidential personal information about the User to third parties only in cases where:
  4. The user has expressed a desire to disclose this information.
  5. This is required by international law and/or authorities in compliance with legal procedure.
  6. The User violates and/or participates in the violation of this Agreement, rules or other documents regulating the process posted by the Developer on the simulator site.
  7. The User hereby consents to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of executing this Agreement.
  8. In the context of this Agreement, the term “personal data” means: the User’s full name, gender, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, cookies and information that may relate to the provision of Services to the User (for example, the User’s trading history)

IX. Validity period and procedure for termination of the Agreement #

  1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
  2. Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally at any time. Deletion of an account by the user means termination of this agreement. Any expenses of the User associated with participation in the simulator, upon termination of the agreement, the User will not be compensated or returned, and the Developer’s obligations will be considered fully fulfilled.
  3. If the Developer terminates this Agreement and deletes the account of a User who has violated or participated in the violation of this Agreement or the rules of the simulator, then the User is prohibited from re-registering in the simulator and creating new accounts.
  4. An account with unfilled personal data can be deleted by the Developer unilaterally without any compensation if the User has not logged into the account within a year.

X. Other provisions #

  1. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from this Agreement and the force and effect of the remaining provisions will not be affected in any way.
  2. By participating in the economic simulator, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accepts all the terms of this Agreement, as well as the rules and other documents regulating the process posted by the Developer on the simulator site. The provisions of this Agreement take precedence over other documents.
  3. The original text of the Agreement is in Russian. Translation of the Agreement into other languages is for reference only and is published solely for the convenience of the User. In case of discrepancies between the original text of the Agreement and its translation, the text of the Agreement in Russian has legal force.

Developer #

Fleasoft Corp. (Republic of Seychelles)

Registered address: Suite 1, Second Floor, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.