Rules of conduct in community chats #

  1. General provisions
    1. Chats of the Golden Clone business simulator community in Telegram and Discord messengers are created for players to communicate.
    2. You must try to be polite and cultured, and also listen to the comments of the moderators and administration.
    3. You confirm that you have read and agree to these Rules.
    4. The chat administration may change or supplement these Rules at any time.
  2. Message requirements
    1. The use of offensive language in any form is prohibited.
    2. It is forbidden to send messages in upper case (CAPSLOCK).
    3. Sending repeated messages (2 or more in a row), sending meaningless messages (flooding) is prohibited.
    4. It is not recommended to overuse media messages (images, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, music, etc.)
    5. It is prohibited to discuss the inferiority of those present, their shortcomings, religious, ideological or political views.
    6. Promotion of violence, any discrimination, promotion of drug use, and calls to violate the law are prohibited.
    7. Any offers to buy, sell, exchange, donate, or distribute any currencies or tokens are prohibited.
    8. Any offers to buy or sell game items on the game’s trading platforms are permitted only in the “Trade” room.
    9. Buying and selling game accounts is prohibited (the forum should be used for this purpose).
    10. Any discussion of the administration, moderators and their actions is prohibited.
    11. Discussion of issues of politics and ideology is prohibited.
    12. It is prohibited to publish messages to create conflict situations (“flaming”).
    13. It is prohibited to post any unfounded negative statements about the GoldenClone economic simulator.
    14. Any advertising is prohibited.
    15. Posting NSFW (shock content, pornography) is prohibited.
    16. It is prohibited to deceive or mislead users.
    17. It is prohibited to send any files as attachments.
    18. It is prohibited to abuse user mentions (via the @ symbol) if this causes him discomfort.
    19. It is prohibited to post any other information, one or another way undesirable in this chat, at the discretion of the administration (including pessimistic, negative, energy-information viruses).
  3. Publishing links
    1. It is allowed to publish direct links leading to the official resources of the GoldenClone economic simulator.
    2. Publishing any other links (including affiliate links) is prohibited.
  4. Requirements for nicknames and avatars of participants
    1. It is forbidden to use meaningless nicknames, for example “asdf45^&*”.
    2. It is prohibited to use nicknames and avatars that offend other participants.
    3. It is prohibited to use nicknames and avatars to impersonate another participant, administration or moderators.
    4. It is prohibited to use symbols of terrorist and banned organizations, propaganda of alcohol/drugs, calls for violence and extremism, or any political slogans.
    5. The administration or moderators may require you to change your nickname or avatar.
  5. Powers of administrators and moderators
    1. The administration and moderators monitor the Rules compliance by all participants. For violation, they can apply a system of punishments and restrictions to the participant.
    2. The administration and moderators have the right not to explain their actions.
    3. If you see a violation, please report it to the moderators.
  6. The administration and moderators are not responsible for any consequences caused by:
    • actions or inaction of the user based on information received through messengers;
    • by the user following links posted publicly or in private messages.