Psychology of success

Psychology of success #

Psychology of success

“Open your eyes! Idiot!" - the taxi driver yelled irritably… He always did this, it was his style of communication with other drivers who did not drive skillfully enough.

Each of us performs many actions every day. Most of them are habitual – automatic. For every action there is an emotional reaction. An emotional reaction is a piece of human energy; it can be called the true coin of a person. Throughout life, a person consumes and produces energy. In the example with the taxi driver, he spent part of his energy, that is, he became poorer. Man is a carrier of positive energy, this is our nature. To fill yourself with energy, you earn money for travel and vacation, buy various goodies, etc.

If a person expends too much energy, this becomes noticeable on his physical body, in the form of diseases, etc.

Most often, a person is so busy that he has no time to think about how much he pays for his “automatic” emotions. For this purpose, the “Psychology of Success” section was created. We want you to learn to monitor your energy consumption and increase it, that is, become energetically richer. The more energy you can accumulate, the more powerful your “magnet of desires” will work - this is your power of intention.

Young’s test #

Swiss psychiatrist and educator Carl Gustav Jung is considered the founder of analytical psychology.

The essence of the test is very simple. Through your associative words you will understand your real, truthful attitude towards “it”. For example, a person really wants a lot of money. He does a test on the word “money”. For example, after the test he sees: “Money” = “Fear”. What does this mean?

This means that most likely he will not be rich, because his subconscious is afraid of money. “I want money!” - his consciousness screams.

“No, money scares you, which means you won’t have it!” - the subconscious answers. Do you understand?

And if you find such oddities in yourself, don’t be surprised or worry. The “Psychology of Success” section is to tell and help you correct such “wrong beliefs”.

It is very important that your conscious mind works in harmony with your subconscious mind. Then you will go with the flow and goals will be achieved easily and joyfully. Otherwise, you will swim against the current - tensely, spending a sea of your own precious energy. Even if you manage to achieve your goal, there will be no energy left for the joy of this event.

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Reminiscence practice #

In Jung’s test, we touched on the topic of outdated subconscious programs.

Programs are created by the subconscious to protect a person, but they become outdated and even turn into malicious ones:

Jacques Fresco wanted to train a snake so that it would not eat white mice. To do this, he placed glass in the terrarium and released a white mouse. The snake attacked the mouse and hit its head on the glass. After 15 attacks, the snake stopped its attempts. The glass was removed and the mouse ran around the terrarium and even climbed onto the snake’s head, but the snake did not pay any attention to the white mouse.

This example clearly illustrates:

The subconscious protected the snake and created a program for it - “not to attack the white mouse.” Otherwise, the snake could injure itself and even die. At this moment the program was vital for the snake.

When the glass was removed, this program was no longer relevant for the snake. But this program will remain with the snake forever until someone or something changes this program or cancels it.

If we imagine that there will be no food in the terrarium except white mice, then this program will become life-threatening. Because the snake can die of hunger. Such programs are called destructive programs.

Does this example remind you of anything? Food is everywhere, but the snake can’t take it… Some unknown force prevents her from doing this.

Another programming example:

As a child, a child asked his parents to buy toys, and they often answered him: “Son, we don’t have money for new toys, and why do you need new ones? Your cousin Ivan has grown up, I will bring you his clothes and toys, they are in excellent condition, almost like new!”

Over time, the child grows up and becomes a grown man. This grown man wants a new car. But circumstances always turn out to be such that he buys a used car. According to statistics, most likely, he will not think about why this is happening, because for him this is the norm.

So, the principle is clear, let’s get down to the mechanisms of finding and getting rid of unwanted attitudes!

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Tyrants #

Every day you pay an exorbitant cost. This is hidden from you, you don’t know and don’t notice. The more energy you have, the more and MORE SUCCESSFUL you will do in your life. This means you will earn more! Awake! Stop draining yourself. This practice is not only effective, but also very interesting and entertaining!

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