Young's test

Young’s test #

Young’s test

Jung’s test is sometimes called the key to the unconscious.

Surround yourself with silence, try to turn off the thought process. Quickly write 16 association words for the word you have in mind. Since “Golden Clone” is an economic simulator, let’s first think about the word “money”.

Association words are those words that first come to mind when the word “money” is mentioned. The faster you write down these words, the better, try to write as quickly as possible.

Example: for the word “family”, association words can be: joy, warmth, experiences, children, love, dinner, etc. That is, whatever comes to your mind.

Next, for each pair of words that you see on the screen, write the corresponding association word - the one that immediately comes to your mind.

Ready? - start.

Explanation (read AFTER the test):

According to statistics, many people do not understand why money passes them by. They don’t know why things happen to them the way they do. They don’t even suspect that they can subconsciously push money away from themselves. Sometimes the test result stuns a person. For example, the result might be “money = fear,” “money = glass,” “money = loss,” or something similar. This means that you need to find the reason for this attitude and work through it. We will help you find the reasons for this attitude and change them to the desired ones.

Your internal attitude towards money = “received word”. You will see what your inner unconscious self thinks about this.

Why does my consciousness want to, but my subconscious doesn’t want to? What kind of strangeness is this?

Examples of how we are programmed from birth and throughout life.

“You can’t catch a fish out of a pond without effort!” - exclaimed the father.

“You have to work like a galley slave to earn money!” - he added. He often repeated these phrases, thinking that he was preparing his son for a harsh adult life…

These father’s phrases, like programs, remained deep in the child’s subconscious. When he became an adult, everything was given to him with enormous effort. He knew these were the rules, this was how this world worked. You need to make a huge effort to get results. That’s how he was taught.

Throughout our lives, our heads are filled with a wide variety of programs. Influence of parents, grandparents, education system, etc. As a result, each of us reacts to events differently.

The young man wondered why some of his friends did not have to work hard. They do everything very easily. It seems that the universe is showering them with gifts. They receive good job offers. For some, their parents gave them an apartment. Someone got a deal completely by accident and immediately made a lot of money, etc.

So what are the rules by which this world works?

The external world around you is a reflection of your inner world.

If your head is filled with programs of worry, fear, anger, guilt, resentment, then the outside world will generate events for you in which you will encounter these feelings again and again.

Why is he doing this? So that you finally pay attention to your weaknesses, work on them and become stronger. After all, you are in this world not to go to work, but to become stronger.

By changing yourself, clearing your “computer” of outdated and destructive programs, you will automatically change the world around you.

How to do it? I have great news for you, there are very effective mechanisms, and you will learn about them in the following sections.

If you like the test, you can take it with any words you have in mind, for example: family, work, love, etc. The word can be absolutely anything. Anything that interests or worries you.

But you will find out the most interesting things further!