Reminiscence practice

Reminiscence practice #

Psychology of the artisan

This practice is the first on your path to the goal “I am a new version of myself.” The practice is to remember the bright events of life and return your energy left in them. It is very convenient to engage in this practice by remembering the names of all the people with whom you had more or less close relationships. Then you will automatically remember the events associated with them. Remembering some, you will not be able to sit still. This is exactly what you need, you are there! Now, in order.

Usually all people are very busy. Even if an enthusiastic person devotes 1 hour a day to this practice, then most likely he will soon give up this activity. These are the statistics, let’s be realistic! That’s why we offer you an absolutely unique opportunity.

In the game, each user has many clones. Some even have a thousand or more characters. We specifically made the cost of renaming clones very cheap, almost free! If you give your clones names similar to the names of people from your memories. Then every day, when you enter the game, you will kill two birds with one stone. Absolutely unnoticed by yourself, you will see the names of people from your memories and events of the past will appear before you.

Once you remember an event that contains a lot of your emotions, sit back and relax. Live this event again. You may not be able to stop yourself from laughing, or from crying. Perhaps emotions of anger or sadness or guilt will fill you.

Now turn on your imagination and live this event the way you would like if you could turn back time. Don’t be shy in your fantasies!

When you feel that you have stopped reacting to this event, take a deep breath and smoothly turn your head to the left. With this inhalation, mentally draw into yourself the energy you left behind in that event. As you exhale, gently turn your head to the right. Feel how the energy fills you. Do this until you feel that you have regained every last drop of energy. After this, if you want, mentally cut the imaginary energy thread that connects you with that event. Feel pleasant relief and satisfaction.

Now move on to the next person or event. Trust your subconscious, it will itself transport you to different events of your past.

Do you remember the person? Great! Give your clone a name to associate it with a person from the memory!

Write down on a piece of paper or in an electronic notebook the most vivid stories in which, in your opinion, there are still too many emotions and feelings. Stories you can’t cope with and need help. You will return to them at the next stage of practice. For example, a note: “An incident at school, a scandalous headmistress,” etc.

It is recommended to start the practice with relatives and romantic relationships. These are usually the most energy-intensive memories.

By living through the events of the past, you will regain wasted energy.

Playing in this virtual world, you will combine business with pleasure, every day you will discover something new - forgotten old things. The names of people or events will be constantly before your eyes. They will open up new memories for you. It will be a very exciting journey! You will learn a lot of new things about yourself.

The practice of reliving events is very powerful. It is described in many esoteric teachings and is actively used in modern psychology. Don’t deprive yourself of this unique opportunity, start digging into yourself! As you develop, you, like your clone, will gain new knowledge and skills…

Your inner world is a whole universe. Open the door and take the first step into this world!

Below there will be a section “Tyrants”. It will help you practice recollection.