Psychology of a bourgeois

Tyrants #

“I’m being late, and, as luck would have it, every traffic light I see is red!” - Mikhail exclaimed.

“Everything, as always, is especially for me!” - Mikhail yelled, nervously sticking his head out of the car window. Out of anger and indignation, his long mustache, which stuck out in different directions, began to move like a cockroach.

“Besides, the boss at my work is a swine! I constantly have to put up with him, but how I would like to punch his impudent face with my fist!” - thought Mikhail.

The theory of tyrants is that they will appear and anger you every day until you exhaust your strength. Or until you become consciously reasonable and simply stop reacting to them.

Now, in order.

With every indignation you pay! You pay with your own precious energy. Remember how much energy you usually “drain” during a quarrel? Then you continue wasting it for a few more days, thinking and worrying about what happened… How does it make you feel? And where does your energy go? After all, there are no voids in this world; if something has left somewhere, it means it has arrived somewhere.

Imagine now, the planet’s population is almost 8 billion people. It doesn’t matter where a person lives, whether he is rich or poor, each of us splashes out such negative emotions. Think about what a huge flow of negative energy flows every second. We will discuss where this energy goes in the next section. For now, let’s focus on practice.

The practice of awareness of tyrants is very simple and effective.

First: you need to identify the people or events that cause you to experience bursts of negative energy. It could be anyone - a boss, a scandalous neighbor, a dull cold morning, an incompetent driver of the car in front, etc. Let’s call all these characters “tyrants”. Because they all take energy from you in one way or another.

Second: you need to realize that the presence of “tyrants” is a free daily training of your consciousness. The result of this training is that you will stop getting irritated and wasting your energy. Wake up, realize what is happening!

Until you change your attitude, you will be constantly pestered by old and new irritants. You will have no time left for bright thoughts and beautiful dreams. This means that you are in a swamp of negativity, from which there is no way to get out - the more indignant you are, the more you drown. We are not interested in such an outcome, so let’s train.

Little things like an obstacle on the road, untied shoelaces, spilled coffee, etc. can be classified as those that are sent to you to stop you a little.

  • Cursing dirtyly at his shoelaces, which had become untied, Vladimir stopped to tie them.
  • At this time, around the corner, a piece of ice fell from the roof.
  • For some surprising reason, Vladimir’s car did not start for exactly 5 minutes. He walked around her, cursing and kicking the tires. But suddenly the future love of Vladimir’s life came out of the house. There are an infinite number of such options; you yourself can give many examples from your life.

You need to get used to these stops and just love them. At the moment when you usually started to get angry at this unexpected stop, pull yourself up and think that this stop is intended for something. Now just relax, let the whole world wait for you! Look around, listen to the sounds around you, stop rushing, the Universe is asking you to relax, take a deep breath, smile - you are the center of the Universe - you are its beloved child.

Let’s say you have an arrogant, arrogant boss who uses his power. He may deprive the bonus or impose a fine. I don’t want to look for a new job, I have to endure it. But you don’t have to endure it! Start treating your boss and everything that happens around you like a quest in a game.

Study how your boss feels when he does certain things. Find your tyrant’s weaknesses, his characteristics, study his habits. For example, he is very happy when someone apologizes to him. At the same time, he feels absolute power over a person…

Note that this is actually a huge weakness of his. Why weakness? Imagine for a second what will happen to such a person when he loses his position? It doesn’t have to be loss of position, it could be anything. His EGO will be greatly hurt. Such a person will hardly be able to cope with the “blows of life.” Note that the so-called “blows of life” are the same training, but this time personally for him.

In this life, we are all trained, and each of us is a kind of teacher and coach for the other. But we don’t realize this, we live like robots, we automatically react to external stimuli and don’t think about why this happens.

Now back to you again. When something offends you, figure out what it is that offends you and why. What clings to you is your weakness.

For example, this person is easy to offend; he has a huge nose. It is enough to focus your gaze on his nose and the person feels offended. He’ll probably resent that cheeky look for a long time. Internal dialogue with yourself will procrastinate on the situation for a long time and tediously. “This idiot is staring at my nose!” “Who is he to judge me!?” - Henry thought.

But it’s enough to remove this destructive subconscious program about a big nose or change it to a positive one. For example: My nose is big and solid, everyone pays attention to it, it inspires respect in everyone. My big nose is an indicator of my big mind, everyone understands this! And so on.

If you make such a change, then you will stop “paying” and perhaps start on the contrary - “earning” (talking about energy).

The human EGO is extremely fertile soil for growing any form of negativity.

  • I was insulted or looked at incorrectly.
  • I thought they were implying that I wasn’t good enough.
  • I was accidentally pushed into the subway. No, it was definitely not accidental. That son of a bitch did it on purpose!
  • They threatened me with dismissal or deprived of my bonus! The EGO will most likely say: “I am so good, but I was treated like this by scoundrels, scoundrels, traitors!”

An effective treatment for this illness is this: you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. The fact is that it is not you who feel sorry for yourself, but your EGO. Your spirit is infinitely strong and immortal; there is no need for it to feel sorry for itself or be afraid.

Start paying attention to what your inner voice is saying. Just watch him. It is he who is afraid and worried, not you. Stop and take a deep breath, feel the smells and sounds that surround you. Focus your attention on them and your anxiety will disappear as if it never existed.

So, start using your tyrants for your own training - look for their weaknesses, play on their weaknesses, hone your art. At the same time, start identifying your weaknesses and working on them. The practice of reliving events is great for studying yourself, your emotions and finding weaknesses.

Weakness is what causes you to waste energy. For example, punctuality is an admirable quality. But if you start to worry a lot about being late, this becomes a weakness. Being punctual is good, but wasting energy because you are late is stupid. After all, you’re already late anyway, and you can’t get the time back, so why worry and continue to pay with your energy?

Of course, it is unwise to pretend that you are not worried about your lateness in front of a boss who is waiting for an explanation from you. Well, in this case, try to create a picture of the maximum experience. Apologize colorfully until the boss gets enough of your apologies and becomes satisfied. You know better what to do, because you have already studied the weaknesses and habits of your tyrant… Just don’t overdo it so your game won’t be discovered.

For example, you are a successful businessman and you go to a restaurant. “This waiter is not nice enough to me, who is he?” “He’s a pathetic waiter, and I…!” - Georgy was indignant. The ego, as always, pushes ahead. All because the ego considers this person to be of lower social status. What if it turns out that this waiter is the owner of a large restaurant chain and he simply decided to conduct a master class with the waiters of his restaurant? Perhaps Georgy would not be indignant, but on the contrary, he would be interested in observing the actions of the waiter…

For example, you definitely need to go somewhere, but you don’t want to do it at all. But since you still have to go, it’s better to do it in a good mood! Then imagine that this will be an adventure, that the Universe has something important in store for you. Maybe an interesting acquaintance, maybe you meet the love of your life by chance today, or you see something on the street that gives you an amazing business idea, etc.

Peer into the faces of passing people, notice sounds, colors, pay attention to everything that surrounds you. This way you will begin to live more consciously. This lifestyle will save a lot of your energy, which means it will make you stronger. By returning and not wasting your energy, you will heal - become whole.

It’s never too late to start working on yourself, but it’s very important to do it. The result will come gradually, as in sports - no one becomes a champion after a couple of workouts.

You will be surprised, but tyrants themselves will begin to disappear from your life. There will be no point in the Universe creating new ones for you, because you have learned your lesson. Now you have more time for the positive parts of life. This means that achievements await you both in the financial sphere and in the personal sphere, etc.

Everything is interconnected, one thing will lead to another. Very soon you will feel how the universe, led by the energy of your intention, will begin to realize your bright desires and dreams.

Become like the wind or flowing water - you are free, there is nothing to grab you. You emerge victorious from any situation. You will be surprised how the gray clouds dissolve on their own. Let there be sunshine!