Game as an investment simulator #

The Golden Clone online strategy is an excellent investment simulator that gives you the opportunity to try yourself as an investor before you start trading on real exchanges.

But besides trading, we recommend reading the following world bestsellers:

  • George Samuel Clason. “The richest man in Babylon.” This book is a collection of financial principles and advice told in the form of ancient parabolas and stories from Ancient Babylon. It contains lessons on how to accumulate and manage wealth.
  • Benjamin Graham. “The Intelligent Investor: The Complete Guide to Value Investing.” This book is considered the bible for investors. The author, Benjamin Graham, was Warren Buffett’s teacher. He introduces value investing concepts that focus on finding undervalued assets and minimizing risk.
  • Robert Hagstrom. “The Warren Buffett Way.” The book explores the investment approach of Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history. She explains the principles that made him rich and successful.
  • Napoleon Hill. “Think and get rich”. This book focuses on developing personal success and financial independence. Offers practical tips for managing your thoughts and actions to achieve your financial goals.

Reading these books can help you better understand the principles of investing, financial planning, and personal success. They may be useful for those interested in investing in the world of clones or any other area of financial activity.

In the world of clones, investors can engage in various types of investments and financial asset management. Next, we’ll look at some of the possible ways investors can engage in Golden Clone.

Developments #


In the world of clones, players have the opportunity to participate in the development of rare resources that geologists periodically find. These resources may include gold, diamonds, oil and many other valuable materials. To participate in these developments, any player can contribute a share of the resource mined in principalities and settlements, necessary for the construction of developments and the extraction of more valuable resources. Players invest resources from their principalities and settlements to obtain rare and valuable materials.

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Securities #


Securities are an important financial instrument in the world of clones. Clones who have reached Craftsman status or higher are able to invest in securities and receive dividends. Owning securities can be a profitable avenue in the game.

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Resource mines #


A variety of resource mines are available in the clone world where players can mine gems such as sapphires, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, amber, elvereon stone, portaline stone and black pearls. Each of these stones has its own value and can be used in different aspects of the game. In addition to gems, some mines also allow clones to pan for gold.

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Extraction of megaliths #

Extraction of megaliths

Megaliths are very valuable stones in the world of clones. They are used for the construction of various megalithic structures, which play an important role in the development of principalities and settlements.

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Railway #


The railroad is a game-wide building in the world of clones. Each player can take part in its construction and repair. This game mechanic provides unique opportunities for transporting goods and facilitating communication between different parts of the game world.

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