Resource development #

Resource development

Development in the game is an opportunity for players to jointly invest resources and participate in the extraction of more valuable materials. These deposits are located and developed by clone land geologists.

To participate in cooperative developments, players must contribute in the form of necessary resources. Participants in cooperative developments are divided into shares of production depending on their contribution.

Developments provide players with the chance to gain access to rare and valuable resources that can be used for various purposes in the game. It is also a way of cooperation and interaction between players, which makes the game world more interesting and diverse.

Participation in development #

Clones of bourgeois and higher social status can participate in cooperative developments. All developments have rules of participation.

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Salt development #

Salt development

Salt development in the world of clones has the main purpose of producing salt cartridges. In addition, salt can also be used in the process of repairing certain structures in the game.

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Sulfur development #

Sulfur development

Developing sulfur is key because sulfur is used primarily to make gunpowder, which in turn is used to create ammunition.

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Clay development #

Clay development

Clay mining is also important in the game, as clay is often used in the construction of various structures. In addition, it is an integral part of the process of creating cement, which is also used in construction and other game mechanics.

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Sand quarry #

Sand quarry

The Sand Quarry provides the ability to mine sand, which players can use to create glass bottles, improve the social policies of properties and settlements, and in various construction projects and game mechanics.

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Development of saltpeter #

Development of saltpeter

Saltpeter Mining provides players with the ability to mine saltpeter, which is used primarily to create gunpowder. As such, saltpeter is an important ingredient for the military and manufacturing aspects of the game.

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Limestone development #

Limestone development

Limestone is used in the process of creating cement, which in turn is needed to construct some buildings and improve infrastructure in the game.

Limestone may also be required to build or improve certain buildings and structures in your settlement or principality.

Thus, mining limestone allows players to obtain this resource for further use in construction and cement production.

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