Limestone development

Limestone development #

Limestone development

The limestone mining partner has full rights to dispose of the mined limestone at his own discretion. This means that you can sell limestone to the trade guild, use it in construction, and for other purposes. In addition to the current features, new ways to use limestone will appear in future game modules.

Thus, mining limestone gives players flexibility in managing this resource and allowing it to be used according to their current needs and strategy in the game.

It is important to note that development is limited in time and lasts only 20 days after completion of construction. Therefore, players need to carefully plan and manage these developments to get the maximum benefit from limestone mining.

Before participating in limestone mining, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the general rules for mining in the game. These rules describe the construction completion procedure and average factor, as well as other important aspects. You can familiarize yourself with the general development rules by following the link. Here you can find information about the average coefficient, as well as about the rules for completing construction.

Construction cost #

Table. The cost of building a limestone mine on the Metropolis server

timbertimber44 444
Edged boardEdged board88 888
Mounting railMounting rail175 754
LiningLining351 008
Foundation blockFoundation block44 444
Floor blockFloor block88 888
Cladding slabCladding slab175 754
BrickBrick351 008
ArmatureArmature35 514
Oil productsOil product30,000

Table. The cost of building a limestone mine on the Enclave server

WoodWood41 349
StoneStone41 349

Production #

The production of limestone in the game depends on the server on which the development is hosted. Let’s analyze the information received on both servers:

Server “Metropolis” #

  • limestone production is 16,500 kg per day;
  • production continues for 20 days after completion of construction.

Server “Enclave” #

  • limestone production is 5,500 kg per day;
  • production also continues for 20 days after completion of construction.

Product distribution #

The company’s partners receive a certain amount of limestone every day. This amount is calculated as a percentage of the part of the resources invested in construction and converted into gold coins. This means that the more resources you invest in construction, the more limestone will be distributed among your companions. Accounting for produced limestone and its distribution is carried out to hundredths.