Resource mines

Resource mines #

Resource mines

On the land of clones, nine types of mines have been opened, which allow the extraction of various resources, such as sapphires, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, amber, elvereon stone, portaline stone and black pearls. In addition, you can mine a certain amount of gold every day (with the exception of amber mines, black pearl mines, sand mines, Elvereon and portaline mines).

To trade precious metals and stones profitably, consider buying a mine.

You can purchase mines at a mine auction. Additional information about mine trading can be found in the relevant auction section.

Types of mines #

There are 11 types of mines in the game:

  • site on the river (sapphire mining);
  • large river mine (amethyst mining);
  • quarry site (ruby mining);
  • large quarry mine (ruby mining);
  • small mining (mining amethyst and emerald);
  • large mining operation (ruby and diamond mining);
  • amber mine (amber mining);
  • Elvereon mine (Elvereon mining);
  • mine portalina (mining portalina);
  • black pearl mine (black pearl mining);
  • sand mine (sand mining).

Detailed information about the type and quantity of resources mined, gold mined and the nominal value of mines can be found in the game on the “General Statistics” page (“Investor” → “Resource Mines” → “General Statistics”).

It is also worth noting that when developing an amber mine, there is a chance to find an amber stone with a drop of the blood of an ancient dragon frozen inside it. The chance of finding such a stone is 1 in 10,000.

Elvereon stone mines are available only on the Enclave game server, and Portaline stone mines are available only on the Metropolis game server.

Right to development #

Clones of the social status “artisan” and above have the right to develop mines, subject to obtaining a geologist’s education at the university.

The right to develop a mine for a period of 120 days can be purchased at auction. New mines discovered by government geologists in the clone lands are coming up for auction.

However, it should be noted that the mines of sand and black pearls require a lot of preparatory work and are located in hard-to-reach places, so the regularity of their arrival at auction is unknown. If you want to become the owner of such mines, carefully follow the mine auction! Information about the release of other types of mines is reported in game news.

Any clone with the appropriate education has the opportunity to buy an unlimited number of mines.

After purchasing a mine at an auction, it cannot be sold to other players. However, stones mined from the mines can be freely sold on the commodity exchange.

Mine development #

To develop each mine, you need to spend 6 units of stamina daily. If the clone owner of the mine does not have enough stamina, then production at the mine is not carried out on that day, but the mine development period is reduced by 1 day. It is important to monitor your stamina level and maintain it through the refectory.

The gold you mine is credited to your game account at a certain time every day. However, it should be noted that the amber mines, black pearl mines, sand mines, elvereon and portaline mines do not provide the opportunity to pan for gold. Gems found in mines may not arrive daily as it depends on the type of mine. If found, they will be available in the inventory of the clone owner of the mine.

Table. Resources obtained from mines

Type of mineResource (on average for 120 days)Gold (average per day)
Plot on the riverPlot on the river120 sapphire0.00195
Large river mineLarge river mine120 amethyst0.0041
Plot in a quarryPlot in a quarry60 ruby0.0065
Large quarry mineLarge quarry mine120 ruby0.01085
Small mine workingSmall mine working60 amethyst and 60 emerald0.01305
Large mine workingLarge mine working60 ruby and 49 diamond0.0218
Amber mineAmber mine240 amber-
Elvereon MineElvereon Mine240 elvereon-
Mine portalinaMine portalina240 portaline-
Mine of black pearlsMine of black pearls12,000 black pearls-
sand minesand mine120 sand-

After 120 days of work, the mine is considered fully developed and disappears.

The Amber Mine also gives you a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting amber with a drop of dragon’s blood.

Application of resources from mines #

Gems can be sold at the trade guild if you have the right to trade there (clone status “peasant” or higher).

Important! To transfer stones from one clone to another on your account (for example, for sale), you need to build a storage facility.

In addition to trading on the commodity exchange, the main areas of application of precious stones are the following:

Sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond #

  1. Build a palace.
  2. Exchange for a resource in Barter (if there are appropriate government reserves).
  3. Make jewelry at the Jewelry Factory if the clone owns it.
  4. Expand the hunting grounds in your principality.
  5. Use to purchase certain types of securities at the appropriate auction.
  6. Use to make magical solar, rain and moon plates.

Stone “Amber” #

  1. Use to make a magic moon plate.
  2. Use to build and repair the amber cave for dragons in a principality.
  3. Use to build landing grounds for dragons on your property.

Elvereon stone #

  1. Use to make an amulet that increases the sense of dragons.
  2. Use to build landing grounds for dragons on your property.

Portaline stone #

  1. Use to build portals in your settlement.
  2. Use to transport resources between servers through portals.

Black Pearl #

  1. Construction of a settlement.
  2. Increasing the level of development of a settlement.
  3. Construction and repair of a home protection system.
  4. Construction and repair of a settlement defense system.

Sand #

  1. Production of bottles for oil and kvass in a glass workshop.
  2. Construction of a principality and making improvements in it.
  3. Repair of the princely wall.
  4. Improving the social policy of a settlement.
  5. Improving the social policy of real estate.

Thus, gems from the mines provide a variety of opportunities to improve your gaming experience and progress in the world of clones. You can use them for construction, item production, trading and other purposes depending on the type and quantity of stones you have.