Freight cars

Freight cars #

Freight cars

Each freight car is automated and completely autonomous.

Buying a carriage #

The cost of a freight car is 100 gold coins. A game account that has clones of the social status of “bourgeois” and higher can purchase a carriage. Purchase limit for each clone of “bourgeois” status and above = 1 car. Thus, for example, if a game account has 9 clones of the “bourgeois” status and one clone of the “merchant” status, then the account has 9+1 = 10 freight cars available for purchase. You can purchase a carriage in the “Your carriages” section (“Investor” → “Railway” → “Your carriages”).

Car strength #

The durability of a freight car is 1825 units. One unit of strength = one carriage trip. If the car is idle, the strength is not consumed.

Cargo delivery #

During one trip, the carriage brings one large mechanical part. The part ends up in the inventory of the clone who sent the car. For convenience, you can set up automatic collection of parts into storage. This part is the main resource for the construction of the architectural marvel “Giant Engine”. The car makes a trip to the metallurgical plant and loads this part. The State Metallurgical Plant works for the development of the virtual world of clones and provides parts for free. After loading, the carriage delivers the part to the game account storage. One flight takes 24 hours + up to 15 minutes for unloading (depending on the efficiency of the loaders).

Additional bonuses for delivery #

Every day, drawings are held among all the wagons that carry out delivery with payments from the state fund. Each carriage has a chance to deliver not only a part, but also gold coins for its owner. In the news feed you can see every day the prizes that carriage owners receive. There are rumors that on some days the prizes can be obscenely large!

Automatic wagon control mode #

In addition to manual control of wagons, you have the option of automatic control. To do this, you need to tick the cars and click on the “Save” button. In this case, immediately after unloading, the carriage will again depart for the trip to the metallurgical plant. For the automatic mode to work, you need to have the necessary resource for fueling your cars in your account storage.

Fuel for wagons #

To successfully complete one trip, one carriage consumes fuel in the form of: 10 units of petroleum product and 1 bottle of linseed oil. A large mechanical part delivered by railcar can be sold on a commodity exchange. Its nominal value is 1 gold coin.

Development plans #

In the future, it is planned to exchange wagons for railway coupons. Planned future exchange based on: 1 wagon strength = 1825 railroad coupons.

There are also plans to create a game module for passenger cars. There is a high probability of future reconstruction of freight cars into passenger cars. Thus, carriages are an important component of the “Railroad” game block and have great potential for development and income generation in gold coins. Hurry up to become the owner of your own railway depot!