Securities #

Owning securities provides players with the opportunity to earn passive income and develop their financial potential in the world of clones. Managing your papers, choosing the right investments, and using safes will allow you to get the most out of this financial mechanics of the game. Gold coins spent by players go into funds. Part of the income is distributed as dividends on securities.

Let’s take a closer look at the important aspects of stock ownership.

Possession of papers #

Starting with Artisan status, your clone can purchase his first security at auction. This opens up the possibility of receiving daily dividends from your investments.

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Dividends #

At the moment, there are 25 types of securities issued by various enterprises and institutions of the clone world. Each type of paper has its own source of income. Purchasing these securities allows you to receive a share of the income that is generated by these businesses. Dividends are paid daily and depend on the number and type of securities you own.

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Financial report #

To make it easier to track income from various types of securities, the game provides a financial report. It allows you to view your income per day, per year and total for the entire period of holding the securities.

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Safes #

To protect dividends, safes are available to players. They allow you to reliably store dividends received, protecting them from loss. Safes are an important tool for investors, as they ensure the safety of accumulated funds.

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Securities auction #

Securities are issued and sold at a securities auction, with the Clone World State acting as the issuer. At an auction, you can choose from different types of securities and bid to purchase those that suit your investment goals.

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