Financial report

Financial report #

Today, there are 24 types of securities issued by various clone land businesses and institutions. Each of them has its own percentage of return and nominal value, which can be found on the “Financial Report” page (“Investor” → “Securities” → “Financial Report”).

This page indicates the nominal value of each type of security and the type of resource for which they are purchased at a securities auction. Daily, annual and total return percentages are also indicated.

The daily percentage is calculated using the formula:

\(D = 100x / (N/365)\)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(D\)daily interest rate
\(x\)actual amount of dividends received
\(N\)nominal price

Let’s look at an example. Let’s imagine that today the clone received a payment on a state bank security in the amount of 0.005 gold In this case, the formula takes the form: D = (0.5 / (3.5 / 365)) = 53% (with mathematical rounding). The daily yield on this security is 53% per annum.

The annual percentage column displays the amount of all payments for the year.

The total percentage column displays the amount of payments per security for the entire period of existence of this type of security.

Important! Yield percentages are calculated based on the par value of each security, which may differ quite significantly from its actual market value. All securities are included in the calculation, including those in the process of being issued at a securities auction.

The “last payment” cell indicates the value of dividends in gold coins for the past day per security. Green (up arrow) indicates a value that has increased compared to the previous payment, respectively, red - vice versa.

This information allows players to evaluate the performance of their securities investments and make informed decisions about buying, holding or selling securities. Players can analyze current returns and changes in them, choose the most suitable types of securities in accordance with their financial goals and gaming strategy. This holistic financial report is an essential tool for successful investment management in the world of clones.